HIT Movie Review - The Vishwak Sen’s Thrilling Investigation: Bonus & Minus Points

Rose Advani |Feb 29, 2020

HIT movie, a Vishwak Sen’s Thriller, has been on cinemas with a positive response from the audiences and critics. See interesting things to go for it!

HIT movie, Sailesh Kolanu’s directional movie, has been on air on February 28 and got back many positive responses from audiences and movie critics. The thriller stars Vishwak Sen alongside with Ruhani Sharma, Brahmaji, Hari Teja, and Murli Sharma.

Hit Movie Review 1
HIT Movie Review

If you are wondering be in cinemas to watch the film, you should read throughout the HIT movie review and get your decision!

HIT movie plot

The plot of HIT movie is around the life of Vikram, starring Vishwak Sen. Vikram is an aggressive cop with his painful past. He involved in the case that the girl Preeti was kidnapped. The movie goes to the climax when Vikram’s girlfriend. Neha starring by Ruhani Sharma also was kidnapped. The movie continues with his effort to solve these kidnapped cases and save her girlfriend.

HIT movie scenes
HIT movie scenes

Plus Points

The theme of the film creates the first attraction for the movie, which is so realistic with the unique setup. Ruhani Sharma completed her role in the film but Vishwak Sen’s performance is so adorable.

The other impression of HIT is the investigation scenes which containing interesting thrilling details. These scenes are so closed to reality. Other characteristics complete their roles. Additionally, the interval bang becomes one of the key factors in this Telugu movie. In which, the return of Bhanu Chandar also contributes to the attraction of HIT.

Vishwak Sen
Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma

The leading role Vishwak Sen had a difficult role to play but he proved his incredible acting skills when carrying the tense tempo from the movie stars to ends. Vishwak is a versatile actor and looks amazing in investigations scenes.

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Minus Points

The length of the movie becomes the biggest drawback of the Telugu movie. The runtime is so long which makes the audience feel uncomfortable and lose some twists. Also, the climax of HIT can be handled more effectively by adding some effects. And the scenes that Hari Teja makes her investigation should be cut down.

Hit Movie review 3
Hit Movie team on the release day

In comparison with other thrillers, HIT has fewer Twists and turns that giving an uncomfortable feeling for the audiences.

Technical Aspects

The movie got bonus points regarding technical aspects with the great camera works and textures which create good visuals for the audiences. Truthfully, whether the movie can attract or not on the screen majorly depending on the technical factors of the film though the director who creates twists or edge for thew movie also plays an important role.

HIT movie review 2
Hit Movie celebrations


The attraction of this suspense thriller is one of the many interesting investigative scenes. Vishwak Sen shows his good performance in his role. However, the film lacks some needed twists as other thrillers. After all, the movie is passable thrills and brings the audience thrilling moments.

Director:  Sailesh Kolanu

Starring:  Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Murli Sharma, Brahmaji, Hari Teja

Release date: Feb 28, 2020

Rating: 3.5/5


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