Top 7 Bipasha Basu Horror Movie That Gives You A Real Fright

Salena Harshini |Aug 08, 2020

These horror movies prove Bipasha Basu's favor for this genre and they are definitely worth a try for watching. Check out!

Bipasha Basu, also known as Bips, is most famous for her alluring image and. Take a look at Bipasha Basu horror movie list that you won’t be able to miss.

Well-suited for a lot of big roles, Bipasha Basu has proven her spot in the industry and for those fans of Bips who are also into horror movies, you have a plus treat as her work in horror film genres is especially mainstream.

Bipasha Basu horror movie list

1. Raaz

The actress garnered the first commercial success with Raaz, which is also Bipasha Basu first movie of this genre as well as one of the best Bollywood horror movies. She was seen alongside Dino Morea, playing the role of a victimized wife.

The first Bipasha Basu horror movie was a big success

Not only appearing in a hot avatar but she also aced the second highest-earning movie of 2002. The film earned her the first Filmfare best actress nomination.

2. Rakht

Released in 2004, Rakht was directed and written by Mahesh Manjrekar. In this film, she depicted a tarot reader who can see the future and gets tangled in a murder.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 1
Rakht also stars Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty

3. Darna Zaroori Hai

Another unmissable Bipasha Basu horror movie is Darna Zaroori Hai. Her acting in this flick is appreciated and acclaimed by the audience and critics alike. However, the film, on the whole, seem not to do very well compared to others in Bips’ bag.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 2
Darna Zaroori Hai starring Amitabh Bachchan

4. Raaz 3

The third installment in the famous Raaz series is also a worth-watching Bipasha Basu horror movie. The 2012 film marked her first horror performance after quite a long gap.

The movie was a massive commercial success and it is touted as the best one among the Raaz series.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 3
Raaz 3 includes steamy scenes

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5. Aatma

Aatma - Feel It Around You marks the fifth Bipasha Basu horror movie. For obvious reasons, the film was highly looked forward to and did not disappoint the audience.  The film also featured Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Bipasha’s on-screen husband, who haunts her after dying in a car accident.

6. Creature 3D

Creature 3D is yet another notable movie of the actress’s favorite film genre. It was also the first monster sci-fi thriller in India.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 4
Creature 3d could not make it as one of the best Bollywood horror movies

However, despite having a good story, the film didn’t manage to create the expected magic.

7. Alone

The latest Bipasha Basu horror movie is the 2015 film Alone. For this flick, she can be seen opposite her now spouse Karan Singh Grover and they brought about a sizzling chemistry on the big screen.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 5
"Alone" film has quite many hot scenes between Bipasha and Karan Singh grover

Most recently, the two are going to be seen together in the upcoming film Aadat Diaries.

Bipasha Basu biography and facts

What about the actress beside the Bipasha Basu horror movie list and her being the sexy symbol of Bollywood that collects her so many fans? Get to know her more through Bipasha Basu biography and interesting facts!

1. Bipasha Basu age

The actress was born on January 7, 1979, which makes Bipasha Basu age 41 at the time of writing.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 6
Bipasha Basu is now more than 40 but still looks good as ever

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2. Bipasha Basu first movie

She made her debut in the 2001 film Ajnabee along with Akshay Kumar and only received moderate success at the revenues. However, her performance as an antagonist was widely acclaimed and earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

3. Bipasha Basu family

The starlet is very close to her family and she never compromises her connection with her family for the sake of work. Bips has 2 siblings, for those who haven’t known.

4. From an ugly duckling…

When she was little, people did not think that Bipasha was good looking. They used to refer to her with funny remarks targeting her overweight problems and dark skin.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 7
She out-wronged all those who doubted her

In her school days, people called her Lady Gunda for her skin tone and commanding personality.

5. … to a beautiful swan

Basu then decided to follow a modeling career and garnered certain success. In 1996, she won the Godrej Cinthol Supermodel competition and continued to be called a sex symbol until today.

She has been named in multiple lists of the sexiest women or best models.

6. If Bipasha Basu were not a celebrity…

She wanted to become a doctor. Initially, she thought the chance to be a cine star and a model as she was not "very good-looking".

7. Bipasha Basu husband

Her love life has always been attracting attention, from her short-lived fling with Dino Morea to the high-profile relationship with John Abraham.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 8
Bipasha is enjoying a happy married life with her husband

Now, she is married to Karan Singh Grover, Bipasha Basu is one of the hottest heartthrobs in town.

8. Her biggest regret

She wanted to be a doctor but had to drop her studies to pursue a modeling career. And it is a regret in her life not to finish higher education.

9. Her phobia

Although Bipasha is athletic, tall, and known for doing many daring scenes in her films including the Bipasha Basu horror movie list, she is afraid of heights. She also revealed that she gets goosebumps when looking at the ground from a high altitude.

bipasha-basu-horror-movie 9
These are 10 lesser-known facts about Bips

10. Work hard, play hard

She is a party girl and an intellectual at the same time. She both loves hanging out and reading in her free time.

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