Hacked Movie Download Made Available - The Latest 2020 Psychological Thriller

Hanima Anand |Mar 31, 2020

Not an action nor a romance, Hacked movie download is finally leaked out, long-awaited by fans of psychological thriller genre. Will this movie satisfy its audience, let’s find out!

Released on February 7 in Hindi, Hacked gained over 2.3 crores of revenue while its production budget is already 2 crores. After watching it at theatre, many have wished they waited for Hacked movie download in Hindi online to be leaked out so that they didn’t waste their money.

But how is the film? Did it fail that much? Or it’s just the opinion of non-thriller fans? Check the answers below before you get the link to download Hacked full movie in Hindi!

Hacked (2020) is a Hindi psychological thriller movie by Vikram Bhatt – the seasoned director of thriller and horror genre whose Haunted -3D in 2011 was among the highest Hindi horror films of all time.

Hacked Movie Download Poster
Hacked poster stirs up fans of Hindi thrillers.

Hacked stars the appearance of Hina Khan, Rohan Shah, and Sid Makkar in lead roles, revolving around a boy’s obsession with a girl.

Now we will talk more about its plot before going to details of Hacked full movie download in Hindi link that leaked out.

Sam by Hina Khan is the female protagonist who works at a magazine company, in a relationship with Om (Sid Makkar) – a film director. She lives next door with Vivek (played by Rohan Shah) who happens to have an amazing hacking skill.

On Sam’s birthday, all her friends and colleagues are present but Om is absent for no reason. When all people go home, Sam is drunk and breaks down while Vivek is helping to clean her apartment. Vivek consoles her. Sam kisses him, thinking he is Om. Then you can guess what’s next.

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Hina Khan Hacked Movie Download
If you're a die-hard fan of Hina, watch Hacked now!

As to Sam, this is just a mistake. She warns Vivek to stay away from her life, which hurts him. He then decides to ruin her life by hacking everything related to her that he can. He also ruins other girls’ lives after being rejected by his crush – Sam.

Finally, Sam kills him when Vivek has deleted all the evidence showing their relationship.

Will Sam be arrested or she will continue with her fresh life?

Well, we had better not spoil it all so when you can access Hacked movie download in Hindi, you still get excited seeing it.

Regarding feedback from the audience, you can read Hacked movie review by Starbiz. We just extract some outstanding comments below.

“There is nothing great about the basic storyline of the film. But, yes, the way Vikram Bhatt plays it on the screen is engaging to some extent.”

Hacked Movie Download
Hina Khan and director Vikram Bhatt while filming Hacked movie.

That are some comments from our critic Monish Singh. He also agrees that Hina Khan’s fans should check this movie as well.

Now, you can get link for Hacked full movie download and watch online for free here. In case you have troubles with this link, you can try this second link to download Hacked movie in Hindi here.

As usual, we always recommend you watch movies on paid platform, not just for Hacked movie download in Hindi but all kinds of films to contribute to their grossing and show your appreciation towards the filmmakers.

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