Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Full Movie Review & Free Download

Hanima Anand |Aug 13, 2020

Check here Gunjan Saxena full movie download for free and critic review! Janhvi Kapoor and Pankaj Tripathi did the best job among all!

The latest Janhvi Kapoor-starrer was released yesterday on Netflix, winning fans’ affection for the heart-warming story about fearless woman in Indian Air Force history. In the post below, let’s see how critics and audience review Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl as well as check the free links where you can get Gunjan Saxena full movie download in no time.

Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Download 1
Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl movie poster

Before coming to Gunjan Saxena movie download free link, we will briefly summarize Gunjan Saxena full movie review from movie critics across Indian websites.

To understand fully the film plot, one should know the Gunjan Saxena real life story. She is the very first female combat pilot in Indian Air Force when she was only 24 years old.

Gunjan Saxena movie download or Gunjan Saxena biopic depicts difficulties and prejudices that the heroine had encountered during the journey to reach her first fighter jet. The film highlights the struggle of not just Gunjan Saxena but many female pioneers who dared to step in the fields dominated by men.

Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Download 2
Janhvi Kapoor standing beside the real-life Gunjan Saxena (left)

About Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl movie plot, it narrates the time after Gunjan Saxena (played by Janhvi Kapoor) joined Indian Air Force training academy where her ordeals begun. Being the only woman to pass all requirements for a combat pilot, Gunjan Saxena had to use male washroom instead of running from the class to dorm to change her clothes. She wasn’t received well by male counterparts because they feared she would panic while practicing with them.

Not giving up despite all those gender-discrimination obstacles, Gunjan Saxena climbed to be the top rank holder in the academy. She challenged male pilots with hand-wrestling sessions to prove her strength and took every chance to cement her role after the men declared they were there “to fight for the country, not to give equal opportunity.” The dialogue serves as the knot in Gunjan Saxena full movie.

Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Download 3
Pankaj Tripathi has an excellent performance in the role of Saxena's father.

Also, Gunjan Saxena’s father (played by Pankaj Tripathi) is also emphasized for his progressive mindset. Her brother (played by Angad Bedi), however, makes the audience confused whether he supports his sister’s decision or not. This reflects true events in Gunjan Saxena’s biopic and Angad did his best in the role.

What makes Gunjan Saxena full movie download appealing to the audience is the victorious moments when the female pilot completed her Kargil War mission. The climax details are made impeccable under the direction of Sharan Sharma. The talented director is praised for his flexibility that doesn’t focus too much on the Kargil War but tactfully diverts people’s attention to the titular role by Janhvi Kapoor.

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Reel vs real people of Gunjan Saxena story

Commenting on Janhvi, most movie critics gave her acclaims for the complete performance. She did a decent job in portraying Gunjan Saxena’s determination. The young starlet gives out a vibe of bravery and decisiveness throughout the entire movie.

Another actor that gains huge support after Gunjan Saxena full movie is Pankaj Tripathi. His acting is praised to be very natural, low-key but perfectly in tune with the flow. His role as the protagonist’s father makes Gunjan Saxena movie download a must-watch.

You can check Gunjan Saxena official trailer here before coming to Gunjan Saxena full movie download free link at the end of the post.

As said in Gunjan Saxena official trailer, the movie is made with creative liberties to dramatize events for cinematic expressions. You shouldn’t think Gunjan Saxena is the only woman in Indian Air Force or all her difficulties are met by all female pilots here. In fact, there are up to 1,625 women officers working in IAF at the moment and their roles are appreciated by all of us.

We guess you can’t wait further for Gunjan Saxena full movie download. Here is the free website to download Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl.

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Janhvi Kapoor probably gets awards for her lead role in Gunjan Saxena this year.

Should you be able to afford, please watch Gunjan Saxena biopic on Netflix as this will show respect and contribute to the movie grossing. Watching Gunjan Saxena full movie download for free should always be the last resort if you can’t get access to the copyright version on OTT platforms.

Hope you have nice time with the Gunjan Saxena movie download free link. Remember to come back for more free movie download posts!

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