"Four More Shots Please" Movie Download Full HD Is Up For Grabs Here!

Salena Harshini |Apr 20, 2020

"Four More Shots Please!" is a sensual and inspiring journey of four women going through major transitions in their life. The download link for its season 2 is available now.

Four More Shots Please! is a popular Indian web TV series helmed by Nupur Asthana and Anu Menon, following the journey of four lady friends in their 20s and 30s. The flawed women explore new aspects of life through their friendship, love, life, and mistakes. As the second season of the series has recently released, netizens have increasingly in demand for Four More Shots Please movie download.

Four More Shots Please movie download
Four More Shots Please movie download is now available here!

This series is the first series of Amazon Prime Video that has all-women protagonists, starring Sayani GuptaKirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, and Bani J. The four friends have their individual share of high and low in life yet always empower one another.

Four More Shots Please movie download 1
Four More Shots Please has been a hot topic among movie lovers and even celebs these days

Damini Roy (Sayani Gupta) is the successful start-up founder and journalist who bags four consecutive “fearless journalist” in spite of the posing hindrances from the board. However, things do not go such smoothly for her in her private life. She ends up losing the one she really loves, Jeh, due to a few misunderstandings.

Anjana Menon (Kriti Kulhari), meanwhile, is a thriving lawyer who tries to deal with her separated husband's growing romance with Kavya and eventually getting in jail for drinking and driving when taking her sick daughter to the hospital.

Four More Shots Please movie download 2
The four friends embark on an unforgettable journey

Umang Singh is a Ludhiana hailed PT teacher, also a bisexual, trying to recover from her breakups with ex-girlfriends.

The last member of the squad is Sidhi Patel, a 23-year-old virgin who tries to discover love’s true meaning under the persistent interference of Sneha, her over-judgmental mother.

Season 2 of this series narrates the story when the four friends reunite and embark on a new journey together.

The series does not represent every woman across the globe but it had the courage to display the women world’s unaccepted parts, especially in an unreasonably narrow-minded society.

Maker Rangita Pritish Nandy and author Devika Bhagat mesh various slanting subjects into the movie plot, from sexism at the work environment, to sexuality, self-perception, body-image issues, expression freedom, political mistreatment, online trolls, infidelity, and parenthood.

Four More Shots Please movie download 3
Four More Shots Please movie download season 2 garners more lauding comments from netizens comparing to season 1

In a lot of ways, this show takes an unashamed jibe on ups and downs being a cutting-edge millennial Indian lady. The storyline catches the down-to-business talk and similarity between four ladies that share a stunning kinship regardless of their age, social, financial and educational disparities. It flawlessly mirrors their charming blemishes and how they explore modern life with its irregularities and divisions.

We know you are looking for Four More Shots Please movie download and without further ado, let's start watching the meaningful and sensual series here:

>> FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE Movie Download Season 2 Full In Free HD

Four More Shots Please movie download 4
Four More Shots please season 2 is said to also have bold scenes like season 1

Besides the lead roles, the supporting characters are also relatable.

A maturing actress, a certain remote instructed marketeer, an assistant who has feelings for an older lady, a bar-proprietor with an endearing personality, a board member determined by benefits and undermined by non-adjusting workers, an attractive and consoling doctor, a mother whose solitary reason for existing is to get an appropriate husband for her little girl. To put it plainly, each and every one of the characters do exist in the real world.

Four More Shots Please movie download 5
The series is extremely relatable and worth-watching

The series is a recommendation for anyone who honors the confidence of today's Indian women and appreciates the fact that nowadays Indian men are also extremely supportive and obliged towards their women’s wishes and desires.

Season 2 of Four More Shots Please! has come on floors lately and is receiving positive from the audience. Let's start binge-watching it right now!

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