Doraemon Movies Download | The Train Ticket To Our Childhood Memories

Hanima Anand |Jul 19, 2020

For children, Doraemon is an indispensable memory, representing countless childhood dreams that they wish to realize one day. Get Doraemon movies download here & take a train back to your childhood!

Hardly is there any series that has an evergreen life as Doraemon movies. The manga was first introduced in 1969 but its anime series and search for Doraemon movies download are still dominating websites all over the world.

Doraemon movies were nominated and won two Best Show For Kids awards. It’s also the most successful anime in India with more than 100 million audiences, both children and adults. Doraemon movies are being streamed on Disney Channel as well as Disney+ Hotstar India. However, if you want a more convenient way to enjoy this timeless anime, find the link to Doraemon movie download in Hindi below in this post.

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Have you ever wished to travel on Doraemon's time machine?

Before coming to Doraemon in Hindi movies download, let’s go through some facts about this Japanese manga and anime in India.

Doraemon is a 45-volume manga series by Japanese author Fujiko Fujio. The very first Doraemon manga was released on August 8 in 1969, which means the earless robotic cat Doraemon is already 51 years old now.

There are 1,465 original stories in Doraemon series in total, with more than 100 million copies sold worldwide till 2015. Doraemon is so popular that the Foreign Ministry of Japan confirmed that it has become a Japanese cultural icon to promote values of this country to foreign people.

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The duo that makes us smile, laugh and cry together

The reason why Doraemon movies download has such a huge search volume is India is probably the most successful markets of this series. Doraemon movies in India have been translated in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil to broadcast, attracting a large portion of Indian audience.

Doraemon movies were first aired in India on February 13 in 2005 on Hungama TV. From 2010, the anime was broadcast on Disney Channel India as well. In 2016, Amazon Prime India signed a deal to stream Doraemon movies with some other anime series exclusively in the country till 2020 when the popular Japanese anime goes live on Disney+ Hotstar.

If you’re so eager to watch the series online right now, please jump to the end of our post to download Doraemon movies for free. Otherwise, please stay with us a little bit for more facts around this legend Japanese anime.

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The original poster of Doraemon theatrical run, Nobita And The Steel Troops – The New Age

A fact that proves the popularity of Doraemon movies in India is that 2 out of 27 Doraemon movies have been released in theatre, including Nobita And The Steel Troops – The New Age and Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu.

If you think this anime is for children only, the box office collection of these two theatrical runs would make you think twice.

Nobita And The Steel Troops – The New Age is a true commercial hit at that time while gaining over $31.9 million worldwide. Can you convert it to Indian rupees please? – Rs. 240 crore is the exact number.

This is a dream figure for almost all theatrical release back in 2011, let alone an anime series.

Not enough, the second Doraemon movie released in the theatre just one year later, the Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu, reached up to $47 million, translating to roughly Rs. 353.7 crore. Now don’t ask why Doraemon movies download in Hindi is hunted that much till date.

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Doraemon movies teach us to treasure our friendships.

It’s not difficult to reason for the popularity of Doraemon full movies download. The series captivates readers and audience with intriguing imaginary stories which seem simple and naïve but actually futuristic. The author proves his forward-looking mindset with hundreds of inventions from the future world that are brought by Doraemon to Nobita in aiding his normal life.

Though most inventions sound ‘impossible’ for his time back in the 1970s, many designs have gradually come to real life with the development of technology. For example, Doraemon used to introduce a ‘translation bread’ to help Nobita talk to foreigners as well as aliens. Now, we have a simpler version of this as Google Translate. Scientists have also released a portable microphone-lookalike to translate different languages simultaneously when we talk.

The most important thing is those inventions in Doraemon movies say what our children and we always dream of. The series also integrates moral lessons into fun stories to remind children of self-discipline as well as human kindness.

Watching Doraemon movies download online takes you back to the old days when your siblings enjoyed the movie together. The movies can also help us, adult people, to find back the lost joy in the hectic world.

Find here the link for free to download Doraemon movies free in Hindi. This is the direct link to the best Doraemon movies download ever, you can also search for more Doraemon movie download filmyzilla from the same source.

Hope this post on Doraemon movies download will make you smile more today. Sometimes, let’s spare some time for our mind to wander on its past memories. To move faster forward, we should treasure our used-to-be.

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