"Cricket Fever" Review: Netflix Gets The Unparalleled Inside Approach Into The IPL

Laavanya Hien |Mar 03, 2019

Cricket Fever is a documentary series on Netflix with eight parts focusing on the 2018 campaign named Indian Premier League of Mumbai Indians.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sports & cinema become the biggest levellers. Within 2 hours, every class barrier is broken. People might be able to fly in on the private jets or approach regional trains; and these persons might be observing from rafters or five-star pavilions; however, sitting beside the other under such floodlights, or getting together in the darkened room, and they become united.

Cricket Fever

Cricket Fever is a documentary series on Netflix with eight parts focusing on the 2018 campaign named Indian Premier League of Mumbai Indians. And, the movie is the convergence of 2 of the greatest national passions. Plus, while it mightn't be as insightful as one may have expected, with no doubt, it isn’t any PR exercise which I was hoping.

The cricket team, especially in such a country as India which has both the cultural and economic diversity, is a relatively precise capsule of the flaws and strengths.

Personal interests come into collision with bigger goals because the commerce forces invade the playground which used to be dominated by the skill - similar to the one kid controlling proceedings on the gullies throughout the country, just because he possesses the bat & the ball.

Cricket Fever

Deserving respect and praise, the IPL’s quite transpicuous in the hierarchy. Specific participants are worth much more than the other. Nevertheless, when there exists a takeaway from this IPL season 2018 of Mumbai Indians, it was the price tags that could be misleading.

Cricket Fever does what it’s able to do well, and utilises the unprecedented approach, it’s been supplied by Ambanis, team owners, presumably. Moreover, they gain numerous screen time throughout the 1st four episodes.

Nita Ambani, who acquired the franchise by repurchasing it in the year 2018, is usually seen in the locker rooms for players, giving pep talks in front of matches as well as operate impromptu pujas. Mahela Jayawardene, coach of the team, is habitually seen running main decisions by Akash, her son who is currently the manager - the most prominent being a decision to the rest renowned player named Hardik Pandya because of injury.

However, several greatest highlights of the series are unconnected with cricket anymore and could be spotted in this mundane, and seeing a team playing the treasure hunt game in the notably restricted Antilia’s labyrinthine boulevards, the billion-dollar home of Ambani.

Cricket Fever

Cricket Fever, the Netflix Original delivers on a promise of supplying the view of an insider into the way that this IPL operates - with the heated locker room debates and board meetings, match-day drama, and practice sessions. Nevertheless, it’s biggest creative stroke aims at peppering every episode with the profiles of players.

It both supplies the human element with a story involving a machine which is bigger than any others and makes for the compelling narrative as well as an expedient entry point for viewers that mightn't be as well-known with this sport as all of us. Over time, players start to demonstrate remarkable characteristics. There exist glowing talented, gifted rookies such as Mayank Markande and Ishan Kishan - the future shining star standing in awe of the attention - next, there exist the vivid Pandya brothers, the “seniors”, Rohit Sharma - a captain, and the focussed Jasprit Bumrah.

Those rookies are surrounded by the support staff who I used to witness growing up - Shane Bond and Robin Singh, and for sure, the crude Jayawardene. Interestingly, it was great to catch up with those persons.

Netflix has conducted the same documentaries on Juventus, a football team from Italy and Sunderland, an English club. Each of these series also increased twofold because of the cities’ warm portrait that these teams are grounded. Nonetheless, a fundamental differentiation in the portrayal of Mumbai which is in the Cricket Fever & Sunderland ‘Til I Die, or the First Team: Juventus.

Cricket Fever

What those people have multiple advantages for them lies in decades of fervent devoutness, which is unfeasible to hope from the IPL team’s fans dated back eleven years ago. How Mumbai is portrayed in the series appears relatively narrow, unlike the famous Sacred Games that positively oozed the big city’s humidity, or even the favourite Selection Day, of which the partial Marathi conversation put in the authenticity element.

It is lucky for the Cricket Fever series that its passion for the field of sport is confusing enough from trade and business that operates it - and at least till you see the logo of Jio on jerseys of both Mumbai Indians and a few other teams.

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