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Hanima Anand |Aug 07, 2020

It’s inspiring to see stories of sports athletes depicted in a cinema work. No matter it is a Bollywood or Hollywood projects, these best sports movies full movies should be in the to-watch list of every sport fan.

Sports is an amazing activity that brings energy and great values to participants. To become a successful athlete, immense efforts with strong determination are pre-requisite. For this reason, stories about the lives of sports are always inspiring to watch, and these sports movies full movies below will prove our argument.

Sports Movies full movies
Do you recognize who PeeCee is role-playing in this photo?

In this article, we list here the best sports movies full movies Bollywood and Hollywood have produced throughout the years. You can also check sources where you can watch or download these movies for free.

Best sports movies Bollywood

When it comes to sports movies full movies from the Bollywood industry, we are proud to say we have the best sports movies about cricket, the favorite game of Indians. Though the list of sports movies Bollywood produced based on real-life stories below does not include many cricket films, you can refer to our top 15 best cricketer movies of all time for more.

Dangal (2016) – Wrestling

In fact, Dangal deserves to be listed in all best movies articles, not just sports movies full movies list. The Nitesh Tiwari-directed and Aamir Khan-starrer is holding the record of highest-grossing Indian movie of all time for its unprecedented success.

Dangal Sports Movies Full Movies 1
Dangal hit it big in Chinese market, turning Aamir Khan into a global film star.

Dangal tells story of a former amateur wrestler who was forced to put aside his passion for full-time employment. However, after realizing the potentials of his two daughters (played by Sakshi Tanwar and Fatima Sana Shaikh), he decided to train them to become the first Indian world-class female wrestlers.

The movie portrays mounting difficulties but utmost determination from the father-daughters team in the process to become pride of India. It’s Dangal that made Aamir Khan a global star with cult following from China.

Dangal is also among inspiring sports movies for kids to teach them sports spirit as well as the lesson of never giving up your dream.

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Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) – Track and Field

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is another successful sports movie from Bollywood, gaining ₹2.1 billion of grossing against the ₹410 million budget. The film was directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, narrating immense efforts from Milkha Singh on the journey to become Indian champion runner and later an Olympian athlete.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Sports Movies Full Movies 2
From an orphan to the world-class athlete, watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag for more!

Milkha Singh was depicted in the film with disadvantaged childhood when his parents were killed in mass religious violence and he had to live in the refugee camps. Milkha Singh used to live by stealing things with friends before meeting the love of his life who got him back to the right track.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaagh is one of the best sports movies full movies that depict a vivid story with all aspects from a famous life. The film starred Farhan Akhtar in the titular role.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) – Cricket

There is no need to introduce this sports movie for its popularity. The film is among greatest sports movies full movies in Bollywood that unveil unknown truths about our cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni, played by the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

M S Dhoni The Untold Story Sports Movies Full Movi
Watching this movie may make you cry for missing Sushant.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story was released in 61 countries, gaining 216 crore of rupees in box office collection. It gathered talented names in the Bollywood industry, such as Sushant, Disha Patani, Anupam Kher, Kiara Advani and Bhumika Chawla in important roles.

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Budhia Singh: Born To Run (2016) – Marathon

The next name in our list of best sports movies full movies today is a biographical film about Budhia Singh. He is the world’s youngest marathon runner, completing 48 marathons at the age of 5.

The movie was directed by Soumendra Padhi, starring Manoj Bajpayee (coach) and Mayur Patole (Budhia Singh) in lead roles.

Budhia Singh Born To Run Sports Movies Full Movies
This young boy has surpassed over 1,200 kids to be offered this role.

Reports have it that, to select the right fit for the titular role, the director Padhi had to cast more than 1,200 kids across India. He also filmed scenes at the real locations of Bhubaneswar’s slums where Budhia lived before being rescued by his coach Biranchi Das.

Paan Singh Tomar (2012) – Track and Field

As its name suggests, the film briefs life of Paan Singh Tomar, a gifted athlete who won gold medals at many national games. However, unlike other sports movies full movies, Paan Singh Tomar doesn’t have a glorious ending with Indian pride. He got killed by a police after becoming a rebel instead.

Paan Singh Tomar Sports Movies Full Movies 5
Irrfan Khan was the soul of Paan Singh Tomar movie.

Paan Singh Tomar is depicted as a born athlete whose talent is discovered by an army coach. After years of competing in national team and gaining international recognition, Paan Singh returned to his hometown to protect his family’s rights. His ordeals start then.

Paan Singh Tomar is not among motivational sports movies full movies for those doubting their career. It reflects the attitude Indian people once had for athletes, reminding the audience to treasure efforts of these national prides and be willing to stand up for them when necessary.

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Mary Kom (2014) – Boxing

The last representative of Bollywood in this sports movies full movies list is Mary Kom, the story about Indian female boxer to win World Amateur Boxing champion in 6 times.

Mary Kom is coined Magnificient Mary for what she has gained in her boxing career. The woman just weighs 51 kg but became the only boxer to win 8 World Championship medals for both males and females.

Mary Kom movie stars Priyanka Chopra in titular role, directed by Omung Kumar under the production of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film was a commercial hit in 2014 with over Rs. 1 billion of box office collection, cementing the status of PeeCee in the Hindi cinema.

Best sports movies in Hollywood

Besides the best sports movies Bollywood made based on real-life people, Hollywood also has a lot of inspiring movies, either fictional or non-fictional, to pay tribute to sports athletes.

Below are some brief descriptions of top 4 best sports movies in Hollywood for your reference. We tried to prioritize sports movies full movies of different games closer to modern society though some classic works are hard to be left out.

Hoop Dreams (1994) – Basketball

Hoop Dreams is the first name to be mentioned among Hollywood best sports movies full movies. Made on a mere budget of $700,000, the film got over $11 million and was listed in top 50 documentaries to see before you die.

Hoop Dreams Sports Movies Full Movies 6
Hoop Dreams is a classic movie about basketball.

The two basketball players depicted in the movie were played by William Gates and Arthur Agee, not basing on any real people. However, the audiences can see similarities in their journey from high-school students to professional players with many basketball legends in real life.

Raging Bull (1980) – Boxing

Raging Bull was transferred from American boxer’s memoir Raging Bull: My Story. Robert De Niro was chosen as the lead role of Jake LaMotta in the movie.

Jake LaMotta was a formidable boxer in America at that time who had defeated his rivals brutally. He had an obsession with jealousy though, and this led him to the decline in his career.

Raging Bull reflects highlights in Jake’s life, exactly like a raging bull who hurt many of his relatives due to his unreasonable jealousy and uncontrollable strength of a boxer.

Foxcatcher (2014) – Wrestling

Foxcatcher is not a commercial hit, if not saying it failed at the theatre. However, this is in topmost worth-watching sports movies full movies, recommended by film critics.

Foxcatcher Sports Movies Full Movies
Foxcatcher is an underrated movie with failed theatre performance but 5 Oscars nominations.

Foxcatcher received 5 Oscars nominations including Best Director (for Bennett Miller) and Best Actors (for Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo). The movie narrated events around the millionaire E.I. du Pont family heir and two Olympic gold medalists in wrestling Mark Schultz and David Schultz.

Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Boxing

The stories about female athletes are always motivational, so does Million Dollar Baby that tells about Margaret Maggie from an amateur to a professional boxer.

Made on a budget of $30 million, this Hollywood sports movie gained over $216 million in return. Hilary Swan takes the lead role, awarded Best Actress at Oscars along with 6 other nominations for the movie.

Million Dollar Baby Sports Movies Full Movies 7
Female boxers' stories are always sources of inspiration.

Where to get sports movies in Hindi download?

The most popular method is to watch these sports movies on Netflix but of course, you have to pay the fees. In case you want to watch these sports movies full movies free online, we have some suggestions below.

First, you can find free links to download those sports movies full movies under each film we listed if have. Otherwise, you can get access to their free download links on these websites. Please select particular posts for Bollywood or Hollywood sports movies download.

Hope our post on best sports movies full movies download free online is helpful to you. Please come back to for more entertainment news and worldwide trending posts.


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