10 Best LGBT Movies Of All Time: Stories Of A Lifetime

Salena Harshini |Mar 30, 2020

These movies say love and passion, happiness and heartbreak. They took major (but worthy) risks and depict subtly the queer world in a variety of ways.

Talking about representing the LGBT+ members accurately, the movie industry still has a very long way to go. However, there have been several films that made an amazing job of depicting the culture and life of the community, while also honoring the coming-of-age stories, gender and sexuality identity, the feeling of falling in love and heartbreaks also.

Call Me

These queer movies are among the best films which have debuted over the years, in no specific order. Each story has distinct insight into the community of LGBT+.

Amid the time of pandemic isolation, let’s start watching the best LGBT movies of all time!

1. Moonlight

The 2016 movie bagged the prestigious 2017 Oscars’ Best Picture Award for a reason. The coming-of-age film follows the journey of African-American men struggling with their sexuality.

The film centers around Chiron and his life as a black man who grows up in Miami.

"Moonlight" is an Academy Award-winning piece of art

2. Call Me By Your Name

Elio Perlman can’t explain his feelings towards Oliver, the doctorate student intern who comes stay at his house for six weeks of summer... until he finally can. The sensual Italian summer is full of fresh breezes, sunbeams, sexual awakening, and passion.

Call Me By Your Name is the tale of two human beings who are deep in love without knowing and want to be loved by the one they desire. That 1983 summer in Northern Italy remains the undying curio for the rest of Elio’s life.

Call me by your name - Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
"We had the stars, you and I"

3. Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain has become a benchmark in those films regarding homosexuality. Sheepherder Ennis Del Mar and cowboy Jack Twist start working side by side after getting hired as ranch hands. The two develop a close friendship which then evolves into something more.

Brokeback Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
One of the best LGBT movies of all time star Jake Gyllenhaal and late actor Heath Ledger

4. Carol

The beautifully acted and moving movie looks into the intimate connection between Carol, a dignified, glamorous woman undergoing a broken marriage; and Therese, a young photographer who is on the verge of sexual awakening.

Carol Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
Carol is a gentle yet passionate story

5. Boy Erased

Built on the base of real events, Boy Erased traces the journey of a pastor’s son, Jared Eamons who is coerced to follow a reparative therapy program. While his family wants him to be “cured”, Jared rises with a reawakened sense of self and finds his own voice.

Boy Erased Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
One of best LGBT movies of all time is available on Netflix

6. Blue is the Warmest Color

One of the best LGBT movies of all time that created a storm in the film industry is Blue is the Warmest Color. The movie narrates the love tale of the rebellious and curious Adèle and the older blue-haired art student Emma.

It mainly traces after Adèle as the young girl ruminates her sexual orientation, finds love, loses love and herself, stands back up and eventually grows as a person.

Blue Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
The French film once stirred up the entire film community

7. A Single Man

George wants to commit suicide after his 16-year partner passes away from a car accident. On his last day, his chance meetings with colleagues, students, and Charley, his best friend, help him make up his mind.

8. The Handmaiden

The 2016 erotic psychological movie tells the tale of a rich Japanese lady in Korea called Lady Hideko and her wealth is what many people desire. She succumbs to a conman who calls for the help of a new handmaiden to allure her. What comes at the end is not something you can easily foresee.

Handmaiden Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
The film that promises you with the best stills and moments

9. Booksmart

Two best friends Amy and Molly are academic perfectionists who have devoted their whole high school lives for a bright future. However, they realize they have forgotten t have fun while putting their minds on Ivy League goals. So the two just decide to make up for the lost time on their last night of the senior year.

Booksmart is considered one of the best LGBT movies of all time

10. Paris Is Burning

The 1990 film is the LGBT basic that gives the insight into the "house" culture of late 1980s to early 1990 in New York. Paris Is Burning has become compulsory viewing, particularly for drag queens and individuals in the ball culture.

Paris Best LGBT Movies Of All Time
A closer look into the house

These movies are solid testimony to the fact that the LGBT world is also vivid and full of emotions and passion just like any other “world” there is. As human beings, we have the right to love, to be loved and to cherish our true selves.

Don't be afraid to embark on the most worthy journey with these 10 best LGBT movies of all time.

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