Stockholm Syndrome In Movies | 10 Most Popular Movies With Stockholm Syndrome

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 12, 2020

What is Stockholm syndrome and what are the best movies with Stockholm syndrome? All you need about the weird romance is here to be unveiled.

Apart from being a controversial psychological phenomenon, Stockholm syndrome is also a source of inspiration for many films. This article will walk you through what is called Stockholm syndrome and how it is portrayed and glamorized on the silver screen, so keep scrolling down!

Stockholm Syndrome Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological syndrome when a person who is kidnapped starts to grow sympathy and alliance with his or her captor despite having no previous relationship and the danger suffered by the captive.

The syndrome is called Stockholm Syndrome because of the bank robbery in Stockholm bank in 1973 when a man named Jan-Erik Olsson kidnapped 4 employees to ask for the release of his friend. 4 of the captives were released after 6 days of being hosted but all of them refused to testify against the captors at the court and even raised money to support them.

More than 4 decades after the case, Stockholm syndrome is still a debatable topic among the psychologist as it is considered an irrational psychological phenomenon while some other debates that the victims must be brain-washed.

Stockholm Syndrome out of sight
Falling in love with the captor sounds irrational but so romantic in films

Most Popular Movies With Stockholm Syndrome

No matter what it is, Stockholm syndrome is no doubt an interesting topic that so many movies from crime to romance have been made focusing on it. Here is the list of 10 most famous movies with Stockholm syndrome you cannot miss.

1. 365 DNI

365 Dni Stockholm Syndrome
365 DNI is an erotic movie which goes bold with BDSM and Stockholm syndrome

The Netflix Polish erotic film revolves is said to glamourized Stockholm syndrome between a mafia Massimo and a young, beautiful sales director Laura. The girl was kidnapped by the gangster during her trip and has 365 days to fall in love with him. The film not only supports Stockholm syndrome but also stirs up controversy for hardcore BDSM sex scenes.

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2. Berlin Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome berlin syndrome
Berlin Syndrome is literally a movie about Stockholm syndrome

Berlin Syndrome is indeed revolving around the Stockholm syndrome between a teacher and a young photographer who lives in Berlin. The disturbed teacher kidnapped the young man in her own house just want to serve her journey of lust.

3. Highway

Highway Stockholm Syndrome
Highway is a Bollywood movie about Stockholm syndrome

Featuring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda in the leading role, Highway is one of a few Bollywood movies which include the Stockholm syndrome in its plot.

Right before her wedding, Veera is held captive by a gangster and taken on an unexpected right with him. Instead of freaking out, she started to grow affection toward the stranger and discover the real meaning of life.

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4. Stockholm

Stockholm Movie Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm is based on the real bank robbery and kidnapping case in Stockholm in 1973

Stockholm is literally about Stockholm syndrome. In fact, the movie based on the real-life event of the kidnapping case in Stockholm back in 1973 when the captor started to develop a strange bond with one of the female employees he is hosting.

5. Kidnapping Stella

Kidnapping Stella Stockholm Syndrome
Kidnapping Stella is a drama thriller about a man who kidnaps his ex-girlfriend and realized he is still in love with her

The German thriller film which is also distributed by Netflix revolves around two masked men who kidnapped a girl named Stella, blindfold and dress her in red in a private room. During the captivity, Stella discovered that one of the two was her ex-boyfriend and she was pregnant with their child.

6. Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight Stockholm Syndrome
Out Of Sight is more like a romantic drama than a crime thriller

The 1998 crime drama featuring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in the leading roles revolves around a criminal who breaks the prison and kidnapped the female cop who is chasing after him. The pair finally find it irresistible to hook up.

7. Twelve Monkeys

12monkeys Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome is fancied in different types of film from crime thrillers to sci-fi movies

The famous Hollywood sci-fi movie also set a classic example of Stockholm syndrome and it was so bizarre that we even do not realize it. The story revolves around a time traveler Bruce Willis who kidnapped his love lady and got away from time cops.

8. Buffalo 66

Stockholm Syndrome buffalo 66
buffalo 66 is a sweet movie between two strangers

The crime comedy-drama revolves around a single man who tried to kidnap a young dancer and forced her to act like his girlfriend so he can please his parents. She was doubtful at first but finally fell in love with him.

9. The Chase (1994)

the chase Stockholm Syndrome
the chase is a funny story between two strangers who unexpectedly on the drive together

The movie is about a criminal who breaks the prison, steals a car and kidnaps the car owner, and takes her on the run. During the run away from the cops and the girl's rich dad, the pair started to grow chemistry toward each other. Despite revolving around a kidnapping case, the movie turns out to be an action-comedy with racing and car sex scenes.

10. Labor Day

labor day Stockholm Syndrome
labor Day features the Titanic actress Kate Winslet in the lead role

Based on a novel of the same name, the 2013 family drama Labor Day was about a woman (played by Kate Winslet) who offers a poor man a ride but ends up being held captive. She started to realize his dark secret and try to escape from him but it was Stockholm syndrome making her put her freedom at risk to protect the criminal.

Since being introduced for the first time in 1973, Stockholm syndrome has become an eerie source of inspiration for many movies in different genres. Above are 10 most famous movies with Stockholm syndrome for your reference in case you're interested in this topic.

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