Apaharan Web Series Download | 2018 Explosive Thriller Full Of Twists And Turns

Hanima Anand |Sep 23, 2020

The 12-episode web series brings to its audience lots of emotions, revolving around the mysterious death of a young girl kidnapped to serve a more complex conspiracy.

Apaharan is the 2018 Hindi thriller web series by Ekta Kapoor under the production of Siddharth Sen Gupta. Though the series doesn’t feature as many A-list stars as some other projects of the same genre, Apaharan web series download still witnesses a huge volume of searches after release. This success is thanks to a thrilling plot with many twists and turns, plus the endeavor of major cast namely Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill and Nidhi Singh.

Apaharan Web Series Download Poster
Apaharan became an instant hit and one of the most successful series of ALT Balaji.

In fact, Apaharan is solely distributed by ALT Digital but Apaharan free download has been leaked out by a number of pirate websites, which partly affects the revenue of the series. Having said that, you can watch Apaharan web series download free legal links on common movie download sites that we also include in the article below.

Before that, let’s take a look at how the series performs after the premiere on ALT Balaji.

On IMDB, the Arunoday Singh-starrer scores an encouraging rating at 8.4/10 stars in general. This can be considered a huge success for the production team of Siddharth as not many series can achieve this rating. Auto Shankar, the 2019 thriller only scores 6.8 while the recent Code M of the same category is rated 7.8 out of 10. That’s why Apaharan web series download filmyhit is still a hot search despite the emergence of new thriller series in the last two years.

Arunoday Singh In Apaharan Web Series Download
Arunoday in the series, when seeing his wife cheated.

Talking about the Apaharan series summary, Arunoday Singh plays the role of Rudra Srivastava, a senior cop who was once arrested for corruption and jailed for 3 years. When he is short for cash and rather desperate for his family life with a cheating wife (Nidhi Singh), a mysterious woman (Mahie Gill) appears. She is the second wife of a minister and she wants to kidnap the minister’s daughter in exchange for money.

Arunoday agrees to join with Uttarakhand police and they kidnap the young girl. Initially, the plan is just to get money but twists arise. A chain of events during the process go wrong and the young girl is actually murdered. Now, Arunoday is involved in a web of lies, then a deadly conspiracy.

So, who stays behind all the murky plots, does he or she intentionally drag Arunoday in the crime? Watch Apaharan web series download on Daily Motion below to know the truth!

Nidhi Singh Apaharan Web Series Download
Nidhi Singh's prominent acting is widely recognized after Apharan series.

Here is Apaharan series download for free Episode 1 and Episode 2.

On the link, you will see Apaharan watch online for free Episode 1 and 2. After you finish, you can continue to search on Daily Motion for next episodes in high quality. If you have more time, read on to know how movie critics and the audience react to this Ekta Kapoor developed series.

Reviewing the Apaharan web series, The Digital Hash spends endless praises for the ALTBalaji product. They even refer to Apharan as an explosive entertainer of the year which is almost flawless. Despite adopting a novel style of narration, Apaharan web series download gets well with the concept and win everyone’s heart.

When it comes to the cast performance, Arunoday is commented to help content shines through the screen with his complete role. However, the most remarkable plus is the feature of strong female characters instead of submissive characters as in previous Hindi projects.

Mahie Gill In Apaharan Web Series Download
Mahie Gill plays a multi-faceted character with complex developments.

Mahie Gill, though she is more of a cameo, excels at bringing the wind of mystery into the series. Nidhi Singh, in the role of an unfaithful wife, turns out to be the core of Apaharan web series download. She is so good at her job that the audience didn’t smell a rat throughout the movie.

Apaharan web series free download is among rare works that allow two female protagonists with multi-faceted characters. This type of plot, if lacking an experienced cast, won’t be able to make it natural. However, Apaharan succeeds in fulfilling all aspects, making itself an original web series of the thriller genre.

If we are to give a score to the Apharan web series, we will not hesitate to give it 4.5 out of 5 stars given its every angle. Apaharan could be called a trendsetter for many later thrillers but its success is hard to be copied by any.

All in all, Apaharan series download is a must-watch. Don’t be surprised when you have so many Ah-hah moments while watching this ALTBalaji series.

Hope you have a nice time enjoying Apaharan web series download for free and do come back Starbiz.com for more free movie download posts!

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