Best Movie Download Browsers 2020 – Latest Versions For PC, Android & iOS

Leela Adwani |Sep 23, 2020

If you are in search of the best browser to download your favorite movies, web series, shows, this article has what you are looking for.

Watching movies is not only an effective way to pass the time but also a stress-free therapy for those who want to rewind. However, finding a quality movie download browser is not that easy. In the past, downloading large files took hours and it was not cost-effective. With the improvement in our digital era, where almost all movies are made in HD formats, turns out, this becomes even way more challenging.

Best browsers to download movies of 2020

So if you are in search of the best browser to download your favorite movies, web series, shows, this article has what you are looking for. We have rounded up the best options to download large files on both mobile and pc.

Movie download browser for PC

1. Opera


The first and foremost name among the best movie download browsers is none other than Opera. It allows its users to download files faster when compared to many other browsers available on the market recently. It’s all thanks to its Turbo Download Manager extension which does wonders for downloading movies, and audio files.

Opera should be the first name popped into your mind

This tool also comes in handy for those who are using limited or low-speed Internet connections. For those who are unversed, the secret is that it splits the files into smaller chunks to increase the downloading process’ speed.

Especially, you don’t need to charge any buck to get this movie download browser into your pc as it’s free.

2. UR Browser


Fast, private, and secure are the words that will pop up into your mind while using UR Browser. It’s known to be a modern web browser that is loved by many people, especially youngsters. UR is famous for its ease of use, flexibility, and the ultimate privacy protection but above all, the incomparably fast download speed.

You will be stunned by the download speed when using UR

This browser works best on desktops or laptops but it’s also supported on mobile. One of the pluses is that it can block ads and cookies by default. It might raise a few eyebrows but UR Browser can actually speed up 400% faster that is bound to bring you an amazing experience. With a standard Internet connection, downloading ultra-high-definition movies within a few minutes is not a nightmare anymore.

Like Opera, UR is yet another free browser to download movies.

3. Microsoft Edge

We bet that if you haven’t heard the name of Microsoft Edge, then you at least once saw its logo somewhere on the Internet. Arguably being one of the best movie download browsers for PC, it is known for the ease of navigation and incredible download speed, actually on both PC and smartphone.

Edge is an official browser of Microsoft

It was designed for Windows 10 originally but is now supported on mobile devices as well.

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Movie download browser for mobile

1. Apus (Android)

If you are seeking a lightweight yet powerful browser for your Android smartphone, then should take Apus into account. This movie download browser for Android is good enough for your daily needs. No matter what kind of smartphone you are holding, be it a high or low-end one, Apus can offer you a fluid and smooth browsing experience.

Apus is said to be a must-have browser on the phone of movie lovers

You can navigate the Internet with high speed and the same happens when you download movies on your phone. Not just this you can totally expect a stable and speedy download when using this browser also even your Internet connection is low.

2. Brave (Android)

Another solution to download movies for Android users is Brave. The main plus of this Android movie download browser is privacy and security. It ensures to block almost all pop-ups and other non-essential trackers to make you have a secure and safe browsing experience.

Like the name itself, Brave helps users download with a higher speed

One of the greatest features of Brave is that it allows multi-tasking. You can still load a page while heading on to another new tab.

3. Adblock Browser 2.0 (iOS)

If you are someone who finds ads popped up into your screen extremely annoying, then Adblock Browser 2.0 is the best browser for your iPhone. Its auto ad-blocking function lets users visit the website in peace and of course, the downloading process is also smooth.

Annoying ads is no more when using Adblock, your downloading process will get smoothly

Other than the excellent ad-blocking feature, this movie download browser for IOS also allows iPhone users to disable the social media button that usually tracks your device and location.

4. Aloha Browser (iOS)

If privacy is your priority, there will be no better option than using a VPN for browsing purposes. Aloha Browser with an in-built VPN is hands down what you need. This app is designed to be focused on the privacy of the users as it will hide your Internet footprints.

Privacy won't be your concern if you use Aloha for downloading purpose

The interface is also straightforward and takes much inspiration from Google Chrome.

We hope that you can opt for at least one new movie download browser after reading this article. It surely brings your browsing experience to a higher level.

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