"Aladdin" (2019): Monumental To Overwhelming But Not For Everyone

Nalini Suri |May 26, 2019

Aladdin's land of "The Arabian Nights" with 3 magical wishes has come back after 27 years, with a new version including a vast company of miracles more than ever.

Not like the first impression from the trailer, Aladdin (2019) is as a colorful, funny and interesting movie as a cartoon version. Director Guy Ritchie has built a discriminative Arabian land with a storyline exploited more about the origins of each legendary character that has pertained to childhood memories of many Disney fans. Nevertheless, this is also a dead point when there are a lot of diffusive details and parts.

Prominent with magnificent scenes

Aladdin (2019) has its own way, funny and humorous. The plot of Aladdin is rather fast-moving as it does not have many details. The background was invested immensely, staged elaborately combining with gorgeous cinematic techniques. It has made the audience enjoy pretty scenes about the magical land Agrabah and the unforgettable Arabian market.



Full of laughing as the major factor

Aladdin (2019) still remains the interesting factors, but probably the audience does experience satisfactory laughing. There will be no other versions of Genie which is more enjoyable and humorous than “king of the screen” Will Smith. With a jocular acting and witty transcript, Genie Will Smith has completely become “the Savior” of the whole movie together with a couple of Magical Carpet and the legendary monkey Abu.

Humorous Genie by Will Smith

Concordance better than good appearance

The main characters were built in a more emergent background, which clarified their characteristics and psychology that have never been boarding in the cartoon version, especially for character Aladdin (by Mena Massound). In addition, version 2019 has developed Aladdin’s psychology, from his inferiority complex with the nickname “street mouse” to his dream of how everybody can see him.

Handsome Aladdin

Similar to Aladdin, the story of Princess Jasmine (by Naomi Scott) has been mined deeply. Inherently considered as the strongest princess of 7 original princesses of Disney, Jasmine in Aladdin (2019) is swagger than her in the cartoon version. And certainly, Jasmine will become the most colorful princess of Hollywood when wearing different costumes for each day.

Beautiful Jasmine

Music made an impression

The same as Bollywood 8-year-old bride, Aladdin (2019) has been fulfilled of songs. However, it can be recognized that the music of the movie was delicately placed. A Whole New World and a new song named Speechless by princess Jasmine have influenced a new tempting wind.

What makes the movie become not for everyone?

Jafar, Hades, and Maleficent have always been called as 3 best villains of Disney. In contrast, the villain Jafar (by Marwan Kenzari) was built in a more vulnerable way than in the original script. This character did not show everything he has in the previous cartoon.

The villain Jafar

The detail of feminism was not so impressed. It was given to satisfy Hollywood taste but was not developed extraordinarily, which made Aladdin (2019) more rubbish.


In summary, Aladdin (2019) is worth watching in the cinema that you one more time can step in a wonderful fairy tale world and hum the familiar melody.

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