Naomi Scott Upcoming Movies, Husband, Facts: The Indian-Rooted Princess Who Steals Hearts Of Millions

Salena Harshini |Jul 13, 2020

Naomi Scott, the Indian-rooted beauty, has become the Jasmine of so many hearts out there. Check out her lesser-known facts and upcoming movies here

Disney is the famous place that bears torch to a lot of young talents like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and the latest princess of Disney – Naomi Scott is also on her way to conquer the world. Naomi Scott upcoming movies become more concerned than ever after she played the role of Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin live-action.

Everything about Naomi Scott upcoming movies, personal life, and work front are compiled right there!

So, what is she up to and which movies of her should we watch? All is revealed below!

1. Naomi Scott Upcoming Movies 2020-2021

Bring sincerity, warmth, and genuine artfulness to the big movies’ bombastic proceedings, Naomi Scott is often recognized internationally as a Disney Princes since her appearance in the Aladdin live-action remake. Her charm in the movie has totally hypnotized the audience and we obviously can’t wait to see Naomi Scott upcoming movies.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 1
We will update info on Naomi Scott upcoming movies as soon as it is available

However, the actress seems to rush nowhere as she apparently has not had any new filmy commitments. This is a shame to those who want to see more of Scott since her big break in Aladdin.

Well, if the actress is taking a rest, we also have compiled the list of Naomi Scott movies for you to watch.

2. List of Naomi Scott movies

The actress has paid her dues climbing the entertainment world’s rungs ever since the late 2000s. For those who haven’t known, her first big role was in the Life Bites series of the Mouse House. Since then, she has partaken in a number of TV series and movies.

The 33 (2015)

The disaster-survival movie is based on a real event in 2010 where thirty-three miners were stuck inside Chile’s San José Mine for over two months.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 2
The 33 was among the first films of Naomi Scott

The 33 was nominated as the Most Valuable Film of the Year in 2016 by Cinema for Peace.

The Martian (2015)

Also in 2015, Naomi Scott took a sub-role in the Matt Damon starrer The Martian, portraying the struggle of an astronaut to survive on his own after being left behind in space.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 3
The Academy Award-winning movie also featured Naomi in a small role

She depicted the role of Ryoko but did not appear much in the film. She also has multiple lines in the extended cut but it was deleted.

Power Rangers (2017)

Before Aladdin, Power Rangers can be considered the top known movie of Naomi Scott. She plays Kimberley Hart - the Pink Ranger, and although the film was met with mixed reviews, Naomi had left a strong impression with her transformation into a fierce character.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 4
Her role in "Power Ranger" left a powerful impact on viewers

The superhero movie is based on the same-name franchise. It is the third Power Rangers movie and is a remake.

Aladdin (2019)

It is Aladdin the live-action that blew Naomi Scott’s name to the international span. The 2019 musical fantasy flick is adapted from the 1992 animated movie of Disney, which itself is inspired by the eponymic tale from One Thousand and One Nights.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 5
Aladdin was one of the most anticipated Naomi Scott upcoming movies

Also starring Mena Massoud, Will Smith, Nasim Pedrad, the movie follows Aladdin, a street urchin who falls for Princess Jasmine as he befriends with Genie and fights against the evil Jafar.

Having been one of the most anticipated Naomi Scott upcoming movies, the film became the 9th-highest-earning movie of 2019 with $1 billion of income worldwide. Naomi Scott’s performance was highly praised in this film.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 6
Naomi Scott officially became a Disney princess with the most superior beauty and singing voice

>> Watch the blockbuster here: Aladdin Movie Download Full HD For Free

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

This 2019 film is the third part of the famous Charlie’s Angels movie series, serving as the continuation of the plot started with the same-name TV series and two earlier theatrical flicks.

Starring Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, and Ella Balinska as the new Angels, the movie focuses on their work under a private detective agency called Townsend Agency.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 7
Charlie's Angels, although was among the top Naomi Scott upcoming movies, did not make it big at the box-office

Expected to bring massive on-screen effects like its seniors, however, the 2019 Charlie’s Angels seems to not satisfy the audience.

3. About Naomi Scott Biography

If your impression about her is merely Princess Jasmine, it is time to know more about her now. Let’s get to know Naomi Scott through the most common QnA questions about the actress.

Is Naomi Scott India?

The beautiful starlet, whose full name is Naomi Grace Scott, was born in London. Born on May 6, 1993. Naomi Scott age is now 27.

Both of her parents are pastors at the Bridge church in Woodford, Redbridge. While Naomi’s father is British, her mother hails from Uganda but belongs to Gujarati descent. So, is Naomi Scott India? She indeed is.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 8
The dreamy beauty of the Indian-rooted lady

Despite being brought up in London, the actress is proud of her Indian heritage. She can also be seen celebrating the roots on her social media handles.

Naomi Scott owns a striking half-blood beauty of both Asian-European bloodlines. She impresses with a unique charm that not anyone has. That is why after seeing her as the smart and pretty Jasmine in Aladdin trailer, the audience has rushed to search for her name.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 9
She is always proud to be an Indian at heart

Is Naomi Scott married?

For those uninitiated, Naomi Scott got married to English professional footballer Jordan Spence in 2014. The couple had dated for 4 years before walking down the aisle.

As noted by a famous daily, they first met at Scott’s parents’ church. If anyone is wondering is Naomi Scott still married, the answer is: yes, she happily is.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 10
Naomi Scott husband is defender Jordan Spence

Can Naomi Scott sing?

She joined the church band as a child and was discovered by British pop singer Kelle Bryan.

Naomi had her own compositions when she was only 15 years old. She released two music albums Invisible Division and Promises respectively in 2014 and 2017. The 26-year-old beauty does not follow the trend of trendy music but instead, created her own unique genre.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 11
Her songs, unfortunately, did not succeed as most of Naomi Scott upcoming movies

The R&B recording "Lover's Lies", released in 2017, is considered by experts to be beyond the norm and a new breeze for the modern music market.

However, her music seemed to not suit the taste of the majority of the audience back then. Because of that, despite her early career, Naomi still struggled to assert her name as a singer.

naomi-scott-upcoming-movies 12
The audience is eagerly waiting for Naomi Scott upcoming movies to be on schedule and released soon

When the trailer of Aladdin was released, the song Speechless performed by Naomi created a storm throughout the forums. Her clear voice and charming voice left fans and the audience breathless.

Fans hope that with the success of Speechless, Naomi can make a breakthrough in her singing career.

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