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Leela Adwani |Apr 06, 2020

Starring Hollywood legendary actor Will Smith, Mena Massoud, the demand to watch Aladdin movie download version is ever-growing.

The American musical fantasy drama Aladdin turned out to be one of the most anticipated films of the year 2019. Produced by the giant Walt Disney Pictures and helmed by Guy Ritchie, it’s a live-action dramatization of 1992 animated film of the namesake. Starring Hollywood legendary actor Will Smith, Mena Massoud, the demand to watch Aladdin movie download version is ever-growing.

Aladdin movie (2019) offical poster

In October 2016, Walt Disney made an announcement about the direction of Ritchie on the remake version of the film. For those who are unversed, Will Smith was the first actor to confirm to join the cast and sign on to play the role of Genie in July 2017. Later that month, Massoud and Scott respectively became the parts of the film.

In fact, once Smith confirmed to join, it gave a boost to Aladdin movie download search already.

Starring Hollywood star Will Smith, Aladdin is the ninth highest-grossing film of the year 2019

The film was theatrically released in the US on 24 May 2019.

Talking about its box office collection record, Aladdin deserved to be called a blockbuster as it truly took the ticket window by storm. The film grossed approximately $1 billion worldwide and made it the top highest-grossing films of 2019, ranked 34th in the list of highest-grossing films of all time during the theatrical run.

Speaking of the performance of the cast, our film reviewer Monish Singh said Walt Disney Pictures has got excellent actors onboard. Their acting skill is like a breath of fresh air towards the original animated offering. About the performance of Mena Ssoud who played Aladdin, Monish jokingly described the character of Mena as the guy we can easily have a crush on but be reluctant to introduce him to our parents as according to him, the actor struggles to do emotional scenes.

You can check out Aladdin movie review here or read our brief summary below for an overview before proceeding to get the link to download film Aladdin.

Aladdin Full Movie Download
The performance of Mena Massoud got a mixed response from the critics and the audiences

Before getting where to get Aladdin full movie download, let’s take a look at what the film’s summary story. Aladdin is a modern-day story of the Arabian folktale One Thousand and One Nights. Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, is an orphan who lost his parents when he was a little kid. He meets Princess of Agrabah Jasmine, played by Naomi Scott, in a market and instantly develops special feelings for her.

The Princess also falls for him though she has to fulfill other bigger duties as she wants to succeed her dad and later serve her citizens. However, the hierarchy which is dominated by males doesn’t allow her to do it. Villainous vizier Jafar, played by Marwan Kenzari, prepare a detailed plan to dethrone the king. Aladdin soon finds a lamp which magically contains Genie who offers three wishes.

Naomi Scott Aladdin movie download
The gorgeous Naomi Scott in Jasmine character of Aladdin

Guy Ritchie-directorial film got mixed reviews from the audiences and the critics and Monish even gave it a rare 4-star rate.

In his review, he wrote,

"Aladdin is a must watch affair. Even if you have seen the 1992 animated version of it, there is plenty of magic and grandeur to sit back and soak in. If you have not watched the previous version, that is even better because then you can keep yourself away from the hassle of comparing both the movies. I am going with 4 stars."

Even though its theatrical run ended, the film Aladdin is still topping the trending. Access the link here to download Aladdin full movie high-quality version.

Watch the film official trailer below:

We hope you enjoy the best time with amazing sequences of the film at home. However, we still recommend you to go to the theater and have the best experience instead of watching Aladdin movie download for free.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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