"90 ML" Movie Review: Bigg Boss Oviya's Adult Comedy Is A Flop

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 02, 2019

Bigg Boss star Oviya is expected to shine in her role when she takes part in 90 ML directed by Anita Udeep. Sadly, the movie turns out to be a flop.


90 ML

Director: Anita Udeep
Cast: Oviya, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram, Shree Gopika, Bommu Lakshmi, Simbu
Rating: 1.5/5

Bigg Boss star Oviya is the lead actress in 90 ML, an adult comedy movie directed by Anita Udeep. She is a part in an all-women cast, and her performance is highly-anticipated. This movie has an exceptional genre which is not common in Tamil industry, and it deserves compliments for that reason. Oviya plays as Rita, a lively woman who makes friends with other four women in her new apartment. They drink and get high together, help each other solve problems and go for a self-discovered journey throughout the movie.

Unexpectedly, 90 ML makes a mockery on feminism rather than promotes it properly. For example, it shows support for same-sex love in this one scene and then lets a man say lustful words to a lesbian in another scene. Several scenes show that women get drunk because they think it is unfair when only men can do that. When it comes to serious matters which needs sensitivity such as virginity, the director then puts in tasteless jokes. We can understand that 90 ML is an adult comedy, but still, it does not make any sense at all. The movie director is a woman, and everyone expects something better from the film, but it just simply lets people down.

Rs 90
A still from 90 ML.

Oviya looks charming, but she is not qualified enough to portray her character in 90 ML. There are several moments in which she shines in her role, but her efforts are wasted due to a weak plot. The movie tends to focus on the bond among other characters, but their friendship is not even convincible to the audiences. Besides Oviya, other casts are new in the field so they are not able to convey all the emotions.

90ML Official Trailer
Moreover, 90 ML easily mentions booze, sex and virginity; yet the characters never slip out the word orgasm. When it comes to body parts, they use innuendos and avoid a healthy and straight-to-the-point discussion. Such a shameless attempt!
90 ML could be cool and inspiring with its topic about feminism. However, it just turns out to be a senseless movie. Oviya might have to wait for another chance to prove her abilities when it comes to being a potential actress.


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