Zodiac Signs Ranking From Most Introverted To Most Extroverted (Part 2)

Sahana Nhi |Aug 20, 2019

Have you ever wonder whether you are an introvert or extrovert? Check this zodiac sign ranking to know what kind of people you are!

It is easy to spot extroverts because they plunge into the external world, feeling better when meeting other people and bounce their ideas around. However, introverts hate being in large groups. They talk less, enjoy complete solitude, and focus on their inner thoughts and feelings.

Astrology is even responsible for our social behavior. While one-half of the 12 zodiac signs are super outgoing, the other half tends to be shy.

Le'ts continue to read on to find out where you are on the scale of the most introverted to the most extroverted, based on your zodiac sign.

5. Cancer

Zodiac Sign Rich 3

You are an ambivert person, a combination of both introversion and extroversion. You can be bubbly in the concerts of your favorite singers, or your favorite team’s ball games. You aren’t even frustrated while being stuck on the street at rush hour.

However, you also need time to be alone, especially at the weekends. That will be the time you recharge your energy and prepare for new weeks. When you finish your recharging process, you will say hi with everyone and everything by your shiny smile.

6. Libra

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 9

You are an interesting person: You enjoy yourself while being alone and turn into nervous when you are with a crowd of five or more. But when you are in the stage, you rule the world.

You are a fantastic entertainer and public speaker with other people. You can even smile although you don’t want to and keep your feelings for yourself.

In general, you are mildly introverted, but you still have some features of the extroverted one.

7. Scorpio

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 6

Sometimes, our Scorpio tends to be full of vibration, charisma, and passion. You attract others by your attractive characteristic; people won’t be surprised if they see you with some people around. Your Instagram may be full of your party pictures and updated every moment.

You can feel great while being with a small crowd. But when it becomes bigger and bigger, you will be the first one to run away.

You just like a firework which sparkles and shines for a moment and then disappears quickly.

8. Virgo

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 4

It’s difficult to classify whether you are introverted or extroverted because of your zodiac sign's both features.

If you are a boy, you may be more introverted with more in-depth thoughts than a Virgo girl. If you are a girl, you will tend to be more extroverted. You are a fun - lover and even can stand on the top of the coffee table, lip-synch to your favorite songs while crowds around you are cheering.

A Virgo boy also leaves the party very soon, while a Virgo girl only leaves parties when she has enough fun.

To be continued ...


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