Studio Closed, Zara Let Models Do Their Own Home Photoshoot And The Result Is Unexpected

Salena Harshini |Apr 14, 2020

Amid pandemic social distancing, Zara has let their models take new product photos at home and the result is unexpected.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the major fashion brands, typically Zara, temporarily closed all stores in the world, focusing on online sales services.

Zara is famous for the rocketing production speed as there are new products every 1-2 weeks. But amidst the situation where all the models, photographers need to stay at home and the studio is closed, to have a proper photoshoot to promote new designs is completely impossible. Not giving up, the Spanish cult brand devised a very clever tactic that made people admire: Send clothes to the model's home so they can take the pictures themselves.

Zara is having their own way to keep up the work progress

Zara's online shopping platform has never been so fun and refreshing with images you have never seen before: selfies, models jumping on the bed, lounging on a chair ... These are all are works made by models themselves in their homes.

Let's pose and snap in front of the cupboard

Specifically, Zara sent new designs to some familiar models. These models will dress up and take photos of themselves at their homes, then send them back to the company for selection and use.

Zara's core fans must have noticed the difference while visiting the website and the brand’s application these days. In the new arrival section, people no longer see the photos taken in the studio with the familiar basic background. Instead, they see a series of vivid frames with all concepts and contexts: from selfies to photos on the sofa, on the stairs or even in the bed, on the porch ... with all sorts of relaxed poses with the most cheerful expressions.

Literally any corner of the house can be the background
A piano can be an amazing background too


Take a look at creative shooting angles:

"I mean, Zara jeans are very comfortable. It feels good even when lying down"
Introduce to you, the door of my house
Wearing full-on Zara oh so dizzy
Oh take a look at my outfit... and my boyfriend's feet also
Work from home is so much more fun than expected

Most of the pictures are very close to daily life. the more you surf, the more it feels like you're watching someone's blog, not a shopping brand.

However, there are also high quality and very professional-look shots.




These pictures look just like they come out of a studio

Zara is surely making a smart move in promoting their line. Not only the work progress is guaranteed but the brand also manages to stand out with a unique work method.

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