Which Music Genre Matches Your Personality Traits And Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 29, 2019

Your star sign decides at least a part of your personality. And your personality traits may symbolize a certain kind of music.

Has anyone ever told you that your character is like a sweet song? Every type of personality may symbolize a kind of music. Let your zodiac sign tell you more about that.

Aries: Hip-hop/Rap


Aries people are independent and daring. They’re unafraid of risks and always follow the path they’ve chosen. That’s similar to the lifestyle of some hip-hop/rap artists. Like this music genre, Aries never mind showing their real selves.

Taurus: Country


Taurus’ personality is like country music – gentle and comforting. They are faithful and trustworthy. The old country songs are the same. You’ve been listening to them for years, and they still can comfort your soul whenever you feel broken.

Gemini: Alternative


Gemini people are attractive but unstable. You never know what they’re thinking or what they’ll do next. That is like alternative music. It sounds catchy, but you can’t understand what you like about it. Or maybe, its appeal comes from its mysteriousness?

Cancer: Jazz/Blues


Everyone knows that Cancer is emotional and sensitive, but caring and helpful. Somehow, that’s really like jazz/blues music.

As a complicated genre, jazz, with its captivating and melancholic rhythm, can be hard to understand, but great to listen.

Leo: Pop


Leos are the most companionable and outgoing of all signs. Their powerful and confident characteristics make them be the center of attention and friends to anyone. We can say the same about pop music: easy to listen to and understand. That’s why it’s so popular!

Virgo: Hard rock

Hard rock.

Virgos are smart, but they overthink. They may analyze everything others say or do, and that can be a little annoying. Hard rock music is similar. To some people, this music genre is a bit disturbing. But actually, the songs may bring some subtle messages that we can all learn.

To be continued…


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