Your Secret Weakness And How To Overcome It Completely, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Jun 24, 2019

No one likes to admit a weakness. However, if you have not known what your Achilles' heel is, your zodiac sign can point it out.

We all know that nobody is perfect because everyone has a secret weakness. As it is a sign of failure, no one wants to admit their Achilles' heel. However, you should identify your weakness and find a way to get rid of it to get better in life.

If you are curious what your secret weakness is, scroll down and your zodiac sign will reveal all.

Libra: The Eye-obsessed

Zodiac Sign Weakness 2
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They say, "Your eyes are the window to your soul," and Libra believe this quotes. Eyes are the literal portal through which they perceive beauty standards. They are always meticulous when it comes to eye makeup, having quite an obsession with all types of mascara.

Solution: A Libra should cherish their natural beauty more. We all know that appearance matters a great deal, but all that glitters is not gold. Next time, they can try natural makeup to show the true beauty of their eyes instead of spending hours on choosing mascara and eyeliner.

Scorpio: The Gaudy

Zodiac Sign Weakness
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When it comes to style, a Scorpio loves to take a walk on the wild side with bold prints and colors to show off the intense part of their personality. They use their style to soak up the attention and ultimate zest for life. However, their gaudy looks sometimes become weird and confusing to other people.

Solution: A Scorpio should try another way to spice up their life without being gaudy. They can try wearing minimalist outfits, or decorating their house with pictures or scented candles instead of using a bunch of vibrant colors for everything. By this way, they can also put their mind at ease and feel more comfortable in life.

Sagittarius: The Messy

Zodiac Sign Weakness 3

A Sagittarius is indeed a thrill-seeker. They love freedom, challenges, and unexpected adventures, living the life to the fullest. They always prepare well for their trip and bring along numerous things.

However, it turns out to be such a mess as they cannot remember what they bring and where they put them. Sloppiness might be one of the most significant weaknesses for a Sagittarius.

Solution: There are unnecessary items every traveler thinks they need, but they never use them. A Sagittarius should only put the most critical things on their huge packing lists into their suitcases. Less of unessential things means less of weariness and less of burdens, especially when they are quite scatter-brained.

Capricorn: The Realist

Zodiac Sign Weakness 4
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Capricorn is the sign of discipline and careful planning to reach their personal goals. Being seriously mature and responsible, they want to make sure that everything in their life is well-prepared. When it comes to shopping, they spend money only on necessities. They do not want to buy themselves something interesting or luxurious because they hate to waste their cash.

Solution: A Capricorn should not be too harsh on themselves. Self-discipline is good, but sometimes they need to break their rules and buy some items that they genuinely like. It does not mean that they will become a squanderer; it is just a way to treat themselves better.

Aquarius: The Happy-go-lucky

Zodiac Sign Weakness 5
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An Aquarius belongs to a happy-go-lucky group of people. They tend to be foolish and unscathed by anything of this world. They live for today and do not think much about tomorrow.

Their positivity is the plus point, but they will become short-sighted and careless when it comes to future plannings and mature problems.

Solution: They should learn how to develop plans and stick to them strictly. By keeping to a solid plan, they will no longer go wrong in their life. Besides, an Aquarius needs to be more decisive when it comes to unexpected situations.

Pisces: The Emo

Zodiac Sign Weakness 6
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Everyone has emotions, but a Pisces is just more emotional compared to other signs. Their feelings are swayed back and forth by the opinions of others.

Being impressionable and empathetic, they tend to feel someone's pain so powerfully that it could become their pains. They always feel the need to comfort and do something for their loved ones, and as a result, sometimes they will unintentionally become annoying.

Solution: They should try watching more comedy-drama movies. These movies include a large amount of both comical and tragic elements, which can help them to control their emotions effectively. Their act with kindness and generosity is appreciated, but sometimes it is better to let people solve their problems on their own.


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