Your Secret Weakness And How To Overcome It Completely, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Jun 23, 2019

It is not easy to identify your weakness. If you are curious what your secret weakness is, your zodiac sign will reveal all.

Every one of us has a habit or trait that always make things more difficult for us. As this Achilles’ heel might deter you from being at your very best, it is still better to work on it.

Though it would be easy to identify others' weakness, it turns out to be a real challenge when you have to identify yourself. If you are curious about what your secret weakness is, scroll down, and your zodiac sign will reveal all.

Aries: The Shopaholic

Zodiac Sign Weakness 3
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If shopping is on the menu list for an Aries, then they will be the first one at the table. They do not care about sales or deals, continually spending their money on whatever feeds their fantasy. Whenever they get money, it burns a hole in their pocket until it is out their wild and free.

Solution: They need to calm down. Moreover, they also need to cut up their credit cards. An Aries should only carry cash with them, leaving their debit cards and checkbook at home. Spending cash is the best way to remind themselves that they are spending real money on shopping.

Taurus: The Headstrong

Zodiac Sign Weakness 4
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As this zodiac sign represents the Bull, the word "stubborn" has always associated with a Taurus. They are indeed stubborn and persistent, especially when it comes to arguments and fight. They love to be grounded and logical, and never give up until you follow what their lead.

Solution: A Taurus should learn how to be a good listener in every situation. They do not need to agree with all the ideas, but they should understand that their opinion is not the only one that matters. Sometimes, winning or losing an argument does not prove anything.

Gemini: The Partygoer

Zodiac Sign Weakness 5
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A Gemini lives the life of the party. They can attend any social gathering without hesitation, craving for communication, and pleasure. However, they cannot control themselves and keep having fun all night long. Eventually, a Gemini will be regret for what they have done when they have to get back to work the next day.

Solution: Being cool does not mean that one should stay until the end of a party. A Gemini should always set their limits before joining any fun event. Once they can calm down, they will still have fun for the night and energy for the day.

Cancer: The Selfless

Zodiac Sign Weakness 1
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This zodiac sign is incredibly selfless. Cancer would rather comfort the whole world than take a moment for themselves. They do not see this as a problem but rather than their nature, being proud of how much they could do for other people. Slowly, everyone's issues become their problem, and they will get stressed.

Solution: The key to failure is trying to please everyone, they say. Cancer should stop over-thinking of others and learn how to love themselves more. They should stop and relax for a while if they are overwhelmed with everything.

Leo: The Hedonist

Zodiac Sign Weakness 2
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It is not about fame and attention, but Leo is indeed a hedonist who puts pleasure high on the list. They prefer a luxury life and do not even think twice before spending money on those fabulous material things. Appearance is the most important value for them. They love the feeling of being exclusive and unique.

Solution: Leo should spend money on what they genuinely like rather than what other people want. They do not have to prove that they are on another level whenever they step into a store. Following the latest trend is not a bad idea, but they should consider their financial situation first.

Virgo: The Minimalist

Zodiac Sign Weakness 6
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When it comes to a Virgo, minimalism is always the key. As they stick to easily accessible things, their wardrobe is full of white tees and jeans. The best part about a monochrome wardrobe is that they can never go wrong, but their style also becomes monotonous as time goes by.

Solution: A Virgo should need to open new doors and try new things. They should try buying something that has never been their taste, making their wardrobe a lively mix of colorful shirts and shoes. It is also the best way to spice up their boring life.

To be continued...


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