Your Long-Distance Love Can Get Hotter With These Easy Methods

Kimmy Karima |Jul 20, 2019

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and may make the love become more intense too. That is, if you know these simple ways…

Long-distance love is hard to keep. It’s understandable because many people can’t even keep a relationship though both are in the same town. When your partner is far and away, your love lacks the physical touch. This is one of the reasons why your love will gradually fade away.

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You can always keep your long-distance love life exciting.

Of course, now in the age of Industry 4.0, there are phones and social networks and video call apps. They may help narrow the distance in long-distance love. Of course, it is also important that you make your own efforts, to keep the love flame still burning.

So, let’s give these three easy-peasy ways a try to maintain your long-distance relationship:

Getting hot together

Many lovers make sex (audio) calls while being miles apart. So why don’t you take a step further and make sex video calls? Watching each other masturbate via a video call is bold and hot. If you have never done it before, this would be a really exciting experience. You may feel almost like you’re having sex with your partner even though you’re not together.

A sex video call can heat up your relationship.

Using your hands

No, it's not masturbation we're talking about again. Using your hands here means creating some handmade things (like a scrapbook or a loving card) for your absent partner. You should also try writing letters to him/her, instead of e-mails. Classic handwritten letters never go out of style. Receiving a postal mail (with a handmade gift and a hot photo, maybe) can keep a lover happy for a long time.

Everyone likes handwritten letters.

Spending time with each other

When your loved one is on the opposite side of the world, the time and schedule conflict may make you both grow further from each other. In this case, you both should plan the weekly dates and respect them. For example, set time for a weekend dinner, when you both will have a meal at the same time while talking to each other via video call.

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It will feel like you’re really having dinner together.

It will feel like you’re really having dinner together. Other activities may include watching a movie or playing a game together. It’s the way date of Technological Revolution age could be, isn’t it?


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