World Sleep Day: What Your Sleeping Position Reveals Your Personality?

Priyansh Ha |Mar 15, 2019

Tell me how you sleep, I will tell you who you are!

Watching somebody sleep is a great way to peek into their personality. Each of us has a different favourite sleeping position as well as a different personality. Do you know that there is a link between them? Your “sleeping style” doesn’t tell lies about your real personality and even your health. But how can we "read" a person through his sleeping position?

Your sleeping positions can tell the truth about your inner self and your health.

8 Most Common Sleeping Positions

If you are curious about how much the sleeping position can say about a person, continue reading to find out. Among various sleeping position from the worst to the best, here are eight most popular ones and how they reveal our inner-self.


1. The Fetal Position

This is the most common position when we curl up just like a baby. If you sleep sideways and curl up your legs like a baby, you’re with the fetal position.

As it makes you feel safe and comfortable, people who prefer this position tend to be insecure or need to be guarded. They might be a bit innocent, gullible or sensitive from the inside but try to look tough on the surface.


2. The Stomach Sleeper

What about those who sleep on their tummy? In contrary to the fetal position, this is a rare sleeping position. In addition to that, when you sleep with your face and belly down, it might increase the risk of neck injuries and harmful for pregnant women.

Sleeping on your tummy is a clear sign of a friendly and amicable person. However, you might face up with stress or brash sometimes. Criticism will make you feel irritated and insecure on the inside.


3. The Sleeping Log

Sleeping on your sides with arms on the side, you’re a log sleeper. If you frequently sleep in this position, you’re a trustworthy and friendly guy. Whenever you are, you're always a star who takes all the spotlight and spread out the positive energy that everyone wants to get along with.


4. The Soldier

It means your sleeping position is exactly like how a soldier stands with arms sticking to the sides. Just like a soldier, you tend to be a reserved, meticulous and strict person. Apart from taking everything in life seriously, you demand a lot from yourself and other people.


5. Hugging A Pillow

If you find it's hard to fall asleep without hugging a pillow? Here you are a happy-go-lucky person. As the relationship is the essential part of life, you’re willing to go extra miles for those you love and care for.


6. Yearning For Something?

Stretching out your arm while sleeping is just like searching for something. This common sleeping position shows that you’ve been looking for something and being open towards others, even when it takes time. At first, you might be suspicious of them or hesitate to open up to them. However, when you put all your trust entirely on them, they do a matter to you.


7. The Side-sleeper

If sleeping on a specific side make you feel comfortable and easy to fall asleep, you’re a side-sleeper. This sleeping style describes you as an easy-going person who is ready to open the heart to everyone. Sleeping on the left side, you are a creative one. Sleeping on the right side, you’re a smoker or alcoholic, at least according to the Sealy survey.


8: A Back Sleeper

If you prefer sleeping on your back, congratulation! This is the best sleeping position as you will get full of energy in the next morning, fully charged for the long day. Sleeping on your back may be a sign of high expectations and even unrealistic person.


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