Happy World Kidney Day 2020! Check Activities And Quotes For This Day!

Hanima Anand |Mar 12, 2020

The World Kidney Day is celebrated to raise people’s awareness of our kidney health. There are many activities that one can do in this special day that are listed below!

The World Kidney Day 2020 falls on March 12, Thursday. It is celebrated by millions of people in more than 150 countries with meaningful activities to raise public awareness of kidney health.

World Kidney Day 2020
Let's celebrate World Kidney Day 2020 with Starbiz.com!

To help spread the spirit of World Kidney Day, you can organize or join some activities as follow!

1. Physical activities

What else can improve our health better than some physical activities? You don’t need to join some heavy sports games or train your muscles but such actions as walking, cycling or dancing are of great help for your health.

World Kidney day quotes 1
Send out this message to raise public awareness of their kidney health!

2. Online messages/ quotes

When the coronavirus outbreak is raging out there, you might be afraid of going out for events, so why don’t you send message to your friends on social networks about this day?

You can post quotes or pictures of World Kidney Day and tell people to take care of their health.

World Kidney Day 2020 quotes 2
A healthy kidney is the first step to success.

Or you can even promote a campaign on your website, blog or forum to share knowledge on kidney and healthcare tips.

3. Posters or banners in your workplace

Another approach that works effectively on World Kidney Day is showing banner or poster about this event in your office so that all of your colleagues are reminded.

In fact, you can stick poster or visual design in any public space to promote the celebration.

World Kidney Day 2020 quotes 3
Together, we promise to take care of our kidney!

4. Educational programs

To help people fully understand the meaning of World Kidney Day, you can organize some educational activities to spread the knowledge: a class on kidney education, a kidney quiz, a health-tip book sale or a video illustrating the importance of kidney health.

Use your creativity and research skills to make this World Kidney Day more meaningful to all of us!

World Kidney Day 2020 quotes 4
Did you drink enough water today? - Reminded your kidney.

Once again, we wish you a Happy World Kidney Day 2020.

And don’t forget to visit Starbiz.com, Love&Life section for healthcare tips!

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