Woman's G-Spot Does Not Exist, Stop Seeking For It Guys!

Salena Harshini |Jun 29, 2020

So apparently, G-spot actually does not exist. Men who struggle to find it now have a rock-solid excuse.

A study has pointed out that there is no evidence of G-spot, the small sensitive area that triggers powerful orgasm, as having claimed for 7 decades.

Men can now stop worrying and looking for the hard-to-find G-spots because scientist found no evidence of its presence

Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, was the first person who suggested that the sexual pleasure of a woman increases thanks to a thick nerve ending network.

However, reportedly his theory was refuted by the new study carried out by 17 middle-aged women.

While it turned out to find no spots, it did point out a “fairly even distribution” of nerves.

Have we had a wrong perspective all this time about women's sensitive spot?

The thing that ladies were supposed to find has been a myth to the experts also. A lot of trials have used pathologic specimens, surveys, biochemical markers, and imaging to find the evasive G-spot.

A biopsy of women’s private part back in 2006 turned up nothing.

In 2012, a number of doctors looked onto every piece of known information on record just to find that there is not a proof that the G-spot is present.

In 2017, the largest postmortem study until today which was done on 13 cadavers also suggested the same: nothing.

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Finding G Spot
Many researches have also suggested that there may be nothing there

A number of women may have a region inside their lady parts that has a bunch of smaller and super-sensitive areas. However, other ladies say that when they try the two-finger advice, they only feel uncomfortable or feel like peeing. There are also some who feel nothing at all. Maybe for them, there is just nothing there.

Researcher Barry Komisaruk, New Jersey’s Rutgers University, shared,

“It’s not like pushing an elevator button or a light switch. It’s not a single thing.”

Also, Istanbul-based medics considered the anatomical evidence for the existence of G-spot to be “insufficient and weak”.

Harry Sally
The result of the study may come as a relief to many

This study may turn out to be a relief for a lot of people.

For the unversed, a survey pointed out that 22% of men considered finding G-spot the primary aim while having sex.

Many have decided to kick off a new era with a total G-spot-free collection of wider sex advice. If it feels good, it means you are doing it right. Call it whatever you want.

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