Cat Arrested For Smuggling Drugs In Sri Lanka, Escaped Prison

Hanima Anand |Aug 04, 2020

A once-in-a-blue-moon incident just took place in Sri Lanka where a cat was arrested for trying to “smuggle” drugs and sim cards. The criminal escaped the prison after that.

Cats are adorable but mysterious animals at the same time. There are many times when cat owners come across strange actions from their pets. Some cats are even seemingly trying to communicate with aliens or something similar.

Cat Photo 1
If you live with a cat, be alert when you're not home.

However, this time, a cat is a real dangerous criminal who was smuggling heroin and sim cards in Sri Lanka. It was then detained by the police. Officers found roughly 2 grams of heroin, 2 sim cards and 1 memory chip in a small bag tied around the cat’s neck.

The criminal cat was then put into a prison room while waiting for the decision from Sri Lanka authorities.

Cat Smuggling Drug In Sri Lanka
Here are some rare photos of the notorious criminal in Sri Lanka!

So dangerous was it that the cat had escaped the prison on Saturday without anyone noticing. Police couldn’t find it anywhere nearby.

Prior to the odd incident of cat smuggling drugs, Sri Lanka has recorded one case of an eagle that distributed narcotics in Colombo. Also, many small packets of drugs, mobile phones and charges are thrown onto the walls of the Welikada prison where the cat was detained.

Cat Photo 2
Seeing this in real life wouldn't surprise me.

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Sri Lanka. Though police here are working extra to get rid of the crime, criminals are still lurking in the dark in different forms. Recently, several anti-narcotics detectives here have been arrested for selling drugs that were confiscated in the police raid.

Who knows what kind of animals the criminals in this country will make use of to do their dirty jobs? But whatever way they use, it will always be busted in the end.

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