Why You Should Tap Your Face At Least Once In A Day? Check Out Here!

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 31, 2019

Enter skin tap - a skincare system Korean women practice to guarantee they benefit as much as possible from their items.

We've constantly worried about the way that recognizing what you put all over and picking the correct items as per your skin type must be your top skincare need.

Be that as it may, did you realize that the strategy with which you apply these items additionally holds equivalent significance and decides how productively the items will carry out their responsibility on the skin?

Enter skin tap - a skincare system Korean women practice to guarantee they benefit as much as possible from their items. Look down to know more…

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What is tapping?

The majority of us legitimately smear item all over our face and work it into the skin in roundabout movements until is ingested totally - because by what another method will you apply the item in any case, correct? Wrong.

Skin tapping, as the name appropriately recommends, includes delicately tapping the item all over until it's totally absorbed.

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Why tapping?

Regardless of whether you're following a detailed 10-advance Korean magnificence system, it's essential to tap the item into your skin - be it your toner, cream, serum or whatever else. Delicately tapping the item guarantees that it's totally infiltrated into your skin with no scouring or pulling.

This system enables the item to arrive at the most profound layer of your skin and pores, which thusly results in more beneficial, plumper skin.


Dab your cream/toner/serum all over your face or apply it utilizing delicate, short strokes. At that point, begin to work the item into your skin by tapping it - this may be somewhat more tedious instead of your typical method for applying the item, however that solitary implies that it's carrying out the responsibility well.

It may take around 2 minutes until it is totally entered. You can utilize your palm for the bigger territories of the face and fingers for the littler regions. Tapping the skin likewise builds the blood flow which at that point results in a sparkling composition.

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We prescribe tapping particularly with regards to your night skincare schedule. We love the POND's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream that fixes your skin medium-term by battling almost negligible differences and wrinkles.

You will see a critical change in how your skin looks and feels in the first part of the day in the event that you utilize this system to apply the night cream. Tapping is likewise prescribed for effective eye cream application.

The outcomes

Whenever done tap reliably, you will see fun, supple skin that looks solid from inside. Doing this as a pre cosmetics skincare routine will likewise guarantee perfect cosmetics application.

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