Here Is The Reason Why People Keep Staying In Their Unhappy Relationship

Sahana Nhi |Sep 29, 2019

Here is the reason why people can’t just leave their unhappy and unhealthy relationship to find someone else. Check it out!

Love isn’t always about joy and happiness, it contains pains, too! There are not a lot of lucky people in this world who can have a happy ending for their love.

Some people, in their destiny, have to bear a really painful relationship. But why they can’t just leave their unhappy relationship and find someone else? Here is the reason.

unhappy relationship

1. The reason comes from the sympathy

Recently, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has just released the study which showed that although the relationship became worse, some people couldn't say goodbye with their partner. They thought that their partner really needed them and leaving from the relationship might be the worst thing to break someone’s heart.

unhappy relationship

The underlying cause for that thought is actually the dependence of their partner on them or the relationship. Through surveys, many people confess they won’t be able to say goodbye because of their sympathy for others if their partner depends on them too much.

The more a person thinks his or her partner needs them, the more difficulty he or she will meet to leave the relationship.  But why can a person depend on their lover or relationship that much?

In fact, there are some factors which might make people depend on their partner during dating, for example, money, jobs, and even S.E.X. After breaking up, these people don't only feel sad as normal people but also might have psychological problems.

unhappy relationship

Besides, with other people, the loneliness is their scariest nightmare. They want to be loved by others, for every single day. With them, an unhealthy relationship isn’t as bad as being alone.

That's the reason why they depend too much on their relationship. Until they can find the other alternatives, they won’t ever let their partner go.

unhappy relationship

2. How to escape from an unhealthy relationship

Whatever the reason for the dependence, people who depend on their love a lot have to undergo tear-jerking and emotionally-challenging moments which almost kill their hearts while breaking up. At these moments, they keep saying sorry and promising about a brighter future of their relationship instead of making fights to accost their relationship. That seems to be a smart move, but it actually doesn't.

unhappy relationship

Although there is no doubt that people who try their best to make their relationship move on actually deserved to have a happy ending, our real life is never as perfect as fairy tales. Whatever happened to your partner while breaking, you have to say goodbye with your relationship if it keeps taking your tear and breaking your heart.

An unhealthy relationship doesn’t only have bad effects on your soul, but also your health. Don’t just waste your health, beauty, and joy for unworthy things or people. If you think that you can't handle it alone, you can also find counsellors or experts to help you escape from this tough situation.


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