Almost Is Never Enough: Why It's So Hard To Forget The Relationship You Were Supposed To Have

Salena Harshini |Aug 30, 2019

"Only fools stick around when the love is gone." But you just can't help hanging over your almost relationship with someone. Here are the reasons why.

There is this person whom you pictured a whole future with. But in the end, things just don’t go into places and you split the most sudden way. You think about it so much, it drains you out to the core.

Wondering why it takes you so long to get over a nearly-relationship? Read these and maybe you will figure out why.

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1. Is it really over? No one knows

There were plenty of times he just went missing for one or two weeks and then came back acting smitten for you more than ever. This was not what stroke once in a while but happened repeatedly.

Every single time he left, it made you wonder if it was better to call it off and start moving on or to wait a bit more because he would return anyway. And you hoped that maybe, this time he wouldn’t get away anymore?

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Loving such a person is confusing as you can never know exactly what you will get. It will be forever a question mark whether he will ever talk to you again or leave you hanging there for good.

2. They were like a lover, a friend, a special one

The people you have been on dates with before may not even connect with you the way this person does. The thing between you two could never be considered official, but losing them? It is the worst heartbreak that you would ever think of.

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One of the most triggering parts of this is that you feel you are not supposed to be such vexed missing them as you were not in an actual relationship. Other people could not fathom the link between you two, but even you were not sure whether he felt the same way about it like you do.

3. A million questions are left unanswered

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It is surely challenging to forget someone when you do not know why they left. It is even more difficult to forget about them when you can’t figure out their feelings about you.

Did they feel the same about the connection you had? Or were it you that made this up yourself? Is it hard for them to lead a life without you, like it’s hard for you with no them? Or is it perfectly fine?

4. You couldn't live out your wildest dreams

All the possibilities you had in your head, all the promises for a future of you side by side, yet they went away before anything of that happened. It feels like your dreams crumbling into pieces when he unhesitatingly vanished from your life.

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You never wandered around the streets holding each other’ hands. You never read a book while waiting for him making you a meal. You never watched your mutual favourite movie together and cuddle on the couch. You never even kissed or slept on the same bed.

There are so, so many things you were ready to experience with them. If they happened, you were so sure to cherish those memories for the rest of your life. But, they never did.

5. You believe you two are meant to be

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You loved the guts of the other person and it seems like they did, too. You teased each other, made one another laugh with the wittiest jokes. You two could make everything into your conversation and don’t find it boring: friends, jobs, music to your pet peeves, your past relationships…

You got to be the most lively when they sent you a message and the conversation went on for a long while. Hearing their voice made you feel serene and happy.

You are persuaded in your heart that you and them make a perfect couple. That is why you break down when it never became official between you two.

 6. The heart wants what it wants

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You know it is better for you to get over the person, but if you have another choice, you would totally chase after them instead. Comparing to every other person you have tried getting to know, they are the sole one you want, both mentally and physically. There were many times a relationship felt so close, you felt like getting the hang of it.

You never wanted this person back out of your life after all this time you have spent with and for them. They can always get another chance from you, even when that is not what they deserve.


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