Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Match Made In Heaven, Based On Your Love Style (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 09, 2019

Your love style reveals how you love and how you handle that love. Find out which zodiac sign is your match made in heaven, based on your love style.

Love is one of the most popular reasons people turn to astrology. Each zodiac sign takes a different approach to love, looking for someone that makes them feel complete. When that special spark is missing, the answer is often in your love compatibility.

Your zodiac sign can reveal your love style, helping you looking for your right person. Let's find out how you love, and what sign is likely to be your best partner in life.


When you fall in love with someone, you fall hard and fast. Your passion is overwhelming and spontaneous. For you, love is all about action and lust.

Love Horoscope 12

Aries + Sagittarius

As both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs, this combination can produce an eternal flame. This pair has an endless resource of energy, loving each other deeply and sincerely. There might be some trust issues, but both of you are not afraid of challenges.


You are likely to be possessive and obsessive in love. Your love is emotional and filled with highs and lows. You always find ways to make yourself feel safe, living in fear of rejection and loneliness.

Love Horoscope 11

Taurus + Virgo

When a Taurus and a Virgo fall for each other, you know that this love is strong. They are both sincere and devoted to one another. Because a Virgo wants to feel secure, they love the strength and dedication of a Taurus.

Love Horoscope 10

Cancer + Taurus

Their love is all about emotions: While a Taurus tends to have physical feelings, a Cancer is likely to nurture emotional feelings. They might have to deal with communication breakdown, but their deep mutual understanding can solve it all.

Love Horoscope 9

Pisces + Scorpio

This pair is like a match made in heaven. Both signs live in a sea of emotions that are powerful and creative. Their relationship is built on a foundation of intense connection, emotional support, and intimate depth in romance.


Love is only a mutually beneficial relationship for you. Being quite logical and down-to-earth, you only look for a partner who can share similar goals and equity. Your love sounds quite unromantic because you are afraid of emotional feelings.

Love Horoscope 8

Gemini + Aquarius

The intellectual connection between a Gemini and an Aquarius is stronger than what others have expected. Communication is the best part of this love. Two signs are more than willing to share and listen to each other's ideas and thoughts over and over again.

Love Horoscope 7

Capricorn + Taurus

This pair shares the same motto in life: "Feet on the ground, eyes on the prize." Their love is stable and grounded, which can create trust and motivation between both signs. However, there might be a lack of sexual desires in the bedroom.

To be continued ...


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