What Is Your Intense Fear In Love? Let Zodiac Sign Tell You (Part 2)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 20, 2019

Let’s continue to go down the path of zodiac signs, and see what they tell us about our worst fear in love.

Each person has their way of giving love as well as their dread in the love life. Ready to know yours, based on your zodiac sign?

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

A Leo’s sometimes very bossy.

Leo’s love is so fierce that you may feel small in their great affection. They’re dependable and kind, but they desire to control and power over you. They want to dominate the relationship and decide every aspect of love.

At first, you may enjoy being the “little sweet rabbit,” protected by your Leo lover’s larger-than-life personality. But in time, their cocky trait may annoy you. That’s what they fear most.

A Leo is always scared of losing their lead. They’re afraid that you’ll stand up for yourself and think of them as the selfish and possessive type.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Your Virgo lover may get tired of love because they overthink.

Virgos may be the sweetest kind of people. With a Virgo partner, you may feel so good in their tender loving care. They’re thoughtful and compassionate. They always think of your needs and wants.

The problem is, they overthink. Virgos' over-analyzing trait may harm your love much worse than you know. Because a Virgo spends too much time living in his/her head, he/she may imagine all kinds of things, from bad to worse.

So there’s a constant panic in Virgos' mind that they will soon get weary of this relationship and want to stop. Or if they won’t, you will.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

A Libra partner may not be so sure about their love style.

You may think that your Libra lover is quite indecisive. One moment, they can lift you to cloud nine. Then the next, they may let you fall on the ground - hard. Sometimes you wonder if they genuinely love you or not. The fact is, they do.

They often shower you with their loving words and behaviors, don’t they? But their biggest fear grows from this. They’re afraid that they can’t be themselves anymore if they’re deeply in love with you.

That’s why no matter how much they love you, they’re still unsure if they should show their profound feelings or not.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

A Scorpio needs his/her alone time most of all.

Scorpio's personality is one of the strangest. They’re mysterious, really caring but isolated. They’re good with words and can express themselves very well. That makes you think you’ve got a good understanding of them.

But deep down, Scorpios have a lot of thoughts running in their minds. So they fear that being with you too much will disrupt their privacy.

They need their own time and space, even when they have a stable relationship. If you can’t offer Scorpio that, they may get fed up with your love soon.

To be continued…


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