What Is Your Intense Fear In Love? Let Zodiac Sign Tell You (Part 1)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 20, 2019

Some people’s fear may be staying far from their partner. Some others’ maybe being lied. What about you? What’s your worst fear in love?

Based on your zodiac sign, your biggest fear in a relationship may be different from another sign’s. That’s because zodiac signs do have their say on your personality anyway. Read on to find out more about yourself and your most profound dread in love.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

An Aries is afraid that their partner will leave one day.

An Aries’ love is extraordinarily acute: They are uncontrollably passionate. They can do anything for you if you’re the one they’re in love.

And they’re so busy loving you, that sometimes, they may not feel your love if you’re not as enthusiastic as they are. And here comes Aries’ worst fear! They’re scared that you don’t love them as seriously. They’re nervous that you’ll one day leave them, especially after everything they’ve done for you.

If you can do anything daily that can put your Aries lover’s mind at ease, they’ll be thankful.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

A Taurus needs to be sure you’re always by his/her side.

A Taurus lover is precisely like what their zodiac sign says: they’re very headstrong. They seem to be difficult to approach, hard to convince, and even harder to start a romance. But it’s not because they’re uninterested in you. It’s just that they’re not so self-confident.

A Taurus is quite tense in every relationship, including love. Their worst nightmare is that when they genuinely fall for you, your interest will start fading away.

So, if you love a Taurus, give them time, and patiently show them that you’re willing to stay by their side, for better or for worse.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

Gemini is always looking for something new.

Gemini likes to be the center of attention. Indeed, they’re very charismatic. They always seem so full of energy, and their enthusiasm may be contagious. A lover like that is like someone from your sweetest dream.

But a Gemini’s strongest point also contributes to their wicked dread: they fear that their passion will gradually grow feeble. A Gemini always wants something new and something more.

So once they win you over and you become “the daily one” to them, they may get bored. Then, it will be hard to keep the love burning.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Your Cancer partner may want to join you at the hip all the time.

You may feel lucky if you’ve got a Cancer lover. They’re caring, trustworthy, and romantic. Though Cancer’s personality is often gentle, they can become over-sensitive due to their enormous love.

They want to be together with you all the time, so sometimes they make you feel suffocated. And that’s also what Cancer is afraid. They fear that their immense feelings will become too much for you to bear.

And since you’re their world, how can they go on if someday you feel burdened by their love and decide to leave?

To be continued ...


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