What Type Of Earrings Which Suit You The Best?

Priyansh Ha |Feb 12, 2019

What’s your face shape and what type of earrings should you be friend with? Scroll down to find the answer.

If there is an accessory which had a significant impact on your look, it’s the earrings. Do you know that different face shapes go with different types of earrings? What’s your face shape and what kind of earrings should you befriend with? Scroll down to find the answer.

Oblong Face

How to identify: If your face is quite long but narrow in width, then you have an oval face. It also comes along with a broad forehead and pointy chin.


Your solution: Find something substantial to make your face look fuller. Try smart studs, large hoops, clustered earrings, smart studs or short dangle ones (better to be in circular shape). Circular-shaped ones work well on defining your face.

A Square Face

How to identify: Square face means the width and length are comparatively equal. While the jaw is strong and broad, the chin is in square shape too.


Your solution: With sharp angles, you need to soften your face with round edges. The tip is earrings in an oval shape or with hoops will make the difference.

A Heart-shaped Face

How to identify: Just like a heart shape, the pointed chin and cheek tamper to the jawline. The forehead is the widest part of the face while cheeks are highlighted.


Your solution: The best earrings for this type of face are something with a full bottom and narrow top. The best options are those in teardrop-shaped or with details at the base. They are the weapon to balance the ratio of your face.

An Oval Face

How to identify: An oval face has the round jawline and its width is equal to the forehead. Another significant trait is broad and sharp cheekbones.


Your solution: It’s easier for oval-face people to experiment with most types of earrings. The best options, however, are something simple like teardrops, studs, long drop or in the triangular shape.


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