What Services Are Available And Suspended When India Lockdowns In 21 Days?

Ankita Chetana |Mar 27, 2020

India has been experiencing a period of 21-day coronavirus lockdown. Several unnecessary services are shut down, so let's find what services remain available to serve people.

Starting from Tuesday, March 24th midnight, India goes under a 3-week nationwide coronavirus lockdown. People are forced to stay in and only go out to buy some necessities or emergency health check-ups. Meanwhile, some non-essential services have to close during this period and some others keep opening until April 14th. Check out the list:

Services suspended during Indian coronavirus lockdown

Indian Railways Shut
Railway service is closed till the next notice
  1. Apart from police stations and public amenity bodies, all the offices of State and Union Territory government shut down. The opening services will remain with less personnel.
  2. Private and commercial stations of unnecessary service will be not working.
  3. Every educational institution will continue to close.
  4. Every religious establishment including churches, mosques, temples will shut public worship. Only some certain religious gatherings can be active under authorization. Funerals are permitted with the gatherings of less or equal to 20 persons.
  5. Public transportations are suspended until there is another announcement.

Services open during Indian coronavirus lockdown

Bank Working
The banks remain to serve people
  1. Food and grocery services remain to work all-day according to the new order.
  2. Hospital services including nursing home, ambulance, and dispensaries.
  3. Money supplies such as banks, ATMs, and insurance firms.
  4. Petroleum pumps and LPG stations.
  5. Home delivery services for pharmaceuticals and food via e-commerce.
  6. Private services of security.

When to go out on the road?

Buy Food From Nearby Store
An Indian went out to purchase some food

Unless you need to purchase essential supplies at the nearby stores or emergency situations, you cannot get out of your house. In Maharashtra, the administration has formulated a new rule for the citizens when traveling and moving in their own vehicles and public transportation in the time of coronavirus lockdown over the nation. Moreover, the Indian government announced that they have been monitoring the commodity and necessity availability so that people don't need to rush at grocers, markets, and stores to stock all.

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