What Do You Choose Between Continuing A Relationship & Sealing the Deal?

Ankita Chetana |Feb 13, 2020

The present generation has changed the way they perceived relationships, and the term "live-in relationship" has become more and more relevant. So, how are we to know if we should marry a loved one, or live with them for a while?

As humans, we can't help but fall in love for someone, even despite the difference in their race, sex, or class. Love is wonderful, and when a couple wants to show their love to the world, they apply for marriage. It's not wrong to say marriage has always been an important ritual of societies across the world.

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However, the generation of modern society has changed the way they have perceived relationships and the term "live-in relationship" has been on the rage.

The Pros Of A Live-in Relationship

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Nowhere is this trend more prominent as in India. Anything related to physical gravure before tying the knot would have been shunned by the whole country in the past, but the Indian youngsters might have another idea. "Virginity" isn't as sacred to them as it is to the conservative side of society. As live-in relationships aren't legally binding - being more akin to an arrangement between 2 people - it gives Millenials of India the freedom as well as the feeling of conjugal life. Most think of this arrangement as a way to test the compatibility and there is absolutely no catch if one side wants to get out if things aren't working. Furthermore, live-in couples don't have to deal with the hassle of marriage paperwork or a wedding or, in the worst-case scenario, a divorce.

Marriage Might Not Be So Bad Either

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Yet, freedom can also mean uncertainty. Whilst having no restrictions, a live-in relationship also doesn't have stability or security. A long-lasting relationship can only be formed through hardships and challenges. That being said, when there's an easy way out, the bond between the couple can be brittle. This is where marriage comes into play. Time-tested and traditional, marriage is a socially and ritually accepted union of two souls. In total contrast to a live-in relationship, a marriage offers not only the legal obligations between spouses but also the emotional baggage. Having someone you can call your husband/wife provides a sense of certainty and commitment that cohabitation can never bring. Plus, the level of closeness, love, and satisfaction in the intimacy dimension of live-in couples would pale in comparision to that of a happily-wedded.

The Verdict

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Unsurprisingly, there is no easy answer to which is better. Either which one you choose, it should be free from societal pressures. One thing is for certain is that before you decide to live with someone, it is incredibly important that you and your partner are on the same page. After all, who says you can't just marry your beloved after you have lived with one another for a few years?


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