What Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their Marriage, According To Experts

Maanyata Thu |Sep 12, 2019

Read on to know a few things many divorced couples wish they had done differently, and what they can learn from it, according to experts.

There are lots of things that divorced couples feel regret after ending a relationship. It's hard to recognize what went wrong and find solutions when you are in the midst of one failing relationship and divorce seems to be the best option at that time.

However, as time goes by, everything can come into plain view. For those facing the divorce, it can be helpful to take a look back at these problems and learn from them to avoid the same mistakes in the next relationship.

Below are some things that divorced couples wish they had done differently in their previous marriage, according to experts.

Take Responsibility For Their Actions Instead Of Blaming Each Other

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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Many divorced couples do not realize that the blame game often takes a toll on their relationship until they go their separate ways. No one indeed wants to be wrong in an argument. Therefore, they keep placing all the blame on their partners, even when it is not entirely their fault.

However, therapist Virginia Gilbert advises that it is crucial to sacrifice your ego for the sake of your relationship.

Pay More Attention To Their Spouses' Needs

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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Many people wish that they had given more attention to their former spouse’s desires and needs before things got to the point of divorce.

According to experts, besides caring more about requirements, couples should monitor the interactions to make sure your partner is loving and healthy, then make suitable changes.

Clarify Certain Problems Before Tying The Knot

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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Many couples tend to ignore potential conflicts and differences because they don't want to ruin the fantastic feelings of falling deeply in love with someone. However, that is one of the couples' biggest regrets leading to divorces, according to experts.

Be Honest About Their Struggles

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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It could be tough to be open with your partners about your own needs; however, doing so can provide an opportunity for a remarkable change in your marriage.

Psychotherapist Kristina Ferrari says sometimes it is the things which you did not want to share with your partners that lead to your split or divorce. Instead, address your vulnerability by talking about your struggles with the spouse can bring your relationship back from the verge of falling apart.

Turn To Professionals For Help

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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Numerous people choose to deal with their problems by themselves instead of seeking a therapist’s help and then end up coming to regret. However, even couples therapy cannot change anything, sometimes, if it happens too late.

Therefore, one thing you need to bear in mind: the earlier you receive help, the more likely you avoid ending your relationship in divorce.

Talk To Each Other More Often

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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Sometimes, a simple thing like talking to each other about daily issues could help a lot in keeping a relationship alive.

According to couples consultant Lesli Doares, lack of communication in marriage life often results in invalidation, arguments, and lots of other challenges that cause regret.

Put More Effort In Keeping Their Relationship Alive

Divorced Couples Wish They Had Done To Save Their
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By looking back on their failing marriage, many couples wish they could spend more time on each other and hold to those commitments.

Vicki L. Shemin, who works as a divorce attorney, says that when a relationship is on the rocks, taking out time for date nights or holidays can contribute a lot in heating things.


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