How Will Be Your Wedding Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (Part 2)

Kaira Immre |Aug 22, 2019

Your wedding party is coming but you haven’t decided a venue, a wedding dress or a honeymoon place yet? We’re here to help you. Now, let's read a free Tarot reading and discover a celebration for your wedding day based on your zodiac sign.


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Libra, you’re such a social, fair and kind person, so you tend to be a peacemaker. You deserve to get the better things in life due to your exquisite personality. Moreover, you’re always the one to beautify, so your wedding must surely reflect your style.

This day will be beautiful and memorable like a scene of the magazine with sparkling decoration and a royal menu as well. Remember you’re always mediator, so forget making people please and get the fun on your big day!


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Scorpio brides have a passion for privacy and are the mysterious one of the zodiac. So people can’t guess what shall happen in her wedding. You’re also a warm person and plan your day carefully for a long time.

This way, you’ll be surrounded by a circle of close friends and relatives by the beach under the blue sky. A sit-down dinner with soft light, candles will help the guests get loose and have much to talk to each other. Your wedding party must be different and create a strong impression on people.


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Sagittarius is one of the fire signs, so you’re high-energy and ambitious. Nothing is impossible for you, and when it comes to planning a wedding day, this element will be applied. For this, a unique wedding shall be an ideal style for you.

Why don’t you plan the day on a journey or have a celebration at private home-like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth? For the main color tone, various shades of purple, especially lavenders, are sure to hold your favor.


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You’re traditional so all things vintage and classic will become your wedding theme. Think a venue in your hometown or rustic club with a farm menu and old-fashionable decoration. Besides, to make people closer together, plan the wedding day on a holiday is also a perfect way like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and so on.


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Questioning everything in life is Aquarius’s style. So your wedding party is waiting to be filled with your creation. UNIQUE. Your big day must be unique because you don’t like to copy or follow others’style. A venue as an art gallery or a large warehouse and then have a party with whom you love aren’t impossible in your preparation.

It must be more perfect if your wedding day is covered by watercolors like turquoise or aquamarine mixed with white.


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Often described as an old soul, you love romantic and you’re sure to be a fairy tale princess in your wedding. An outdoor wedding will add to the fairy tale theme like in the forest or by the beach, which creates people feel like a little adventure.

Moreover, being a water sign, you must feel closer to palettes including sea foams or pastel greens. Along with romantic, braided hair, and pretty pink makeup will help you feel like Sleeping Beauty or other Disney princess you love.


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