Best Dating Ideas During Lockdown Base On Your Zodiac Sign

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 08, 2020

When going on a date is physically impossible amid the lockdown, there are plenty of ideas for you and your partner to spend quality time together including going to a virtual bar. Scroll down to see what idea suits you best base on your zodiac sign.

Unless you’re already practicing quarantine with your beau, most of us are dating each other without getting physically connected. Social distancing, which is likely to pose an obstacle to your relationship, turns out to be a great challenge for you to come up with incredible virtual date ideas. But each zodiac sign will find themselves into different dating styles. Which one are you with? Check out some suggestion below:

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs
Date ideas for zodiac signs during the lockdown: when social distancing becomes an opportunity for your relationship

1. Aries 

Being fond of challenges and games, you would love to spend quality time with your lover on a football match or batting cages. However, as all of them have been canceled due to lockdown, you too can play online video together. 

2. Taurus

You will be in full swing when it comes to romance, a nice dress, fine dinner with candlelight must be your dating goals. A romantic dinner date is still impossible and the only different thing is you will look into your partner's eyes through the laptop screen. 

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs 3
Who say we cannot have a romantic date while social distancing?

3. Gemini

Gemini will find lockdown an opportunity instead of a challenge that allows you to talk your partner’s ear off. Make a phone call instead of the video one as your sweet and alluring voice is enough to turn him on. 

4. Cancer

Instead of going to the theaters  (as all of them have been shut), you can spend Netflix time together while being separated. Use Netflix Party on Chrome extension, get your popcorn and it’s all done, Netflix and chill. 

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs 5
Use Netflix party extension on Chrome to watch a film with your partner

5. Leo

Remember your karaoke dates and how fun it was? The karaoke app Smule will make it possible during the lockdown. It not only allows you to make a few hit songs but also record and upload your video on social media. 

6. Virgo

Going for a walk together but separately, why not? Talking to each other while taking a walk is a cool idea to stay healthy during the lockdown. However, please remember to stay away from other people and avoid crowded streets while walking. 

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs 4
What to do when taking a walk together is physically impossible?

7. Libra

As both of you and your partner are party people, it’s great to have fun together at a bar with chilling music and nice cocktails. A virtual bar, however, is not a bad idea. Download the Houseparty app from your phone and rave into the music.

8. Scorpio

Playing virtual board games together will work to Scorpio who is keen on playing mind games. As a part of your flirting game, you will love to play around with emotions.

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs 2
Sagittarius sees no problem with social distancing as they can make chitchat with partners as usual

9. Sagittarius

You can find it interesting going with kind of chitchat things, cheer with beer and pizza. That's why going on a date on Zoom is not a bad idea for you. If you need to add some spices to your date, think about games like Never Have I Ever. 

10. Capricorn

Instead of having a post-work date with your bae as you always have, a virtual date in Facetime or Skype sees no difference.

Date Ideas Social Distancing Zodiac Signs 6
Taking a yoga online class with your partner will be much more interesting than you thought

11. Aquarius

What can be cooler than stretching out together? Even the coronavirus lockdown cannot stop you guys from taking your couple fitness goals to the next level as an online yoga class is absolutely reachable.

12. Pisces

Taking a tour to the virtual museum will definitely awaken the artistic spirit inside of you. You can access an enormous source of artwork from your laptop. Invite your partner to pay Lourve a visit, sounds cool?

In case you're still a single guy who sees no difference between social distancing and socializing, here are the best dating apps:

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