Warning Signs In A Relationship: Your Partner’s Behavioral Patterns You Should Never Approve Of

Kimmy Karima |Oct 25, 2019

Some people are not meant to be in a relationship, yet. Mostly because they have some traits that are just too unhealthy. Read on to see if your partner has some behaviors like those below. If yes, run for your life while you can.

While every successful relationship needs a certain level of forgiveness, there are some traits that are really hard to swallow. Not only because they’re disturbing or irritating, but also because they may indicate more serious issues in the person who possesses them.

So here we’ll point out some really bad behavioral patterns that you should pay attention to. And if your beloved owns more than one, unfortunately, it may be time to say good-bye.

Never admitting mistakes

Not admitting one’s mistakes shows immaturity.

Those who are never willing to admit their mistakes are immature. Taking responsibility for one’s actions, even when, and especially when those actions are wrong, is the sign of adulthood.

But if your partner keeps denying his/her own deeds and even tries to put the blame on someone else, that’s not the person you can trust. The denial just proves that the one you love is an immature child, or worse, an irresponsible grown-up.

Never saying sorry

Never apologizing is one effective way to destroy a relationship.

Since we were small, we were taught to say thank you and sorry, right? So do you think why your partner doesn’t (like to) say sorry? Some don’t apologize because they’re too arrogant. Some because they believe they’re always right. And some because they don’t know what good manners mean.

Which group do you think your partner belongs to? No matter what, those who never apologize will never improve. Sad but true!

Blaming you for getting upset over nothing

It’s bitter to be with someone who doesn’t respect your feelings.

This type is really annoying. Whenever you blame them for something, they blame you for overreacting or exaggerating! What? That means their deeds are right, and your feelings are wrong? Yes, according to them. They don’t take your emotions into account. They just do whatever they can so as not to accept that it’s them who have problems.

Even if that means they dismiss your opinions and make you feel disrespected. Why are you still with someone like that?

Making you feel bad and unhappy

You deserve happiness in a relationship.

A relationship is supposed to make you feel happier and better about yourself. Otherwise, it’s not a healthy one. So, ask yourself what you feel right now when thinking of your partner? Do you shudder or get angry?

If you’re staying with a person who doesn’t make you feel good, but keeps driving you mad or making you feel irritated, or sad, or stressed, or guilty, or have other negative feelings, well, do you have any reasons to keep staying where you are?

Criticizing you just to avoid seeing their own mistakes

Staying with someone who keeps bringing up the past is hurtful.

Most people in their right minds know that nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes sometimes. So if your partner always brings up your past mistakes just to deviate you from blaming every time he/she has done something wrong, well, you should ask what the problem is with that person.

Not only are they immature and irresponsible (you can re-read the first pattern above to remind yourself of this type of behavior), but they’re also really mean to make you feel guilty. All in all, a person like this is not in the right mind, at all.

Doing something bad, again, and again

You should not accept bad behavior that becomes a habit.

Your partner may have some bad habits, and don’t we all? It’s acceptable if those habits are not too annoying or harmful, or don't give you too painful a headache. Or at least, if your partner shows some attempts to start the self-improvement journey.

But if you’re with someone who has really bad manners, or possesses bad behavioral patterns, and doesn’t want to change, it’s hard to imagine why you’re still staying in the relationship with that person. Perhaps you want to get upset or hurt again and again? If not, why? Please let yourself answer this question. Then find a way out, maybe.


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