Want To Move On With Your Ex? Read These Relationship Advice To Know If Possible

Ankita Chetana |Jan 15, 2020

If you are having a difficult time with your ex and don’t know whether they can turn back to you or not, check this relationship advice to make sure.

Breakups are often hard to accept even when you start it or suffer sudden punctuation from your partner. How to swim in the hurtful sadness when your relationship is on a high note that you have penned the beautiful words for it. Not all of us can say goodbye to our partner in a peaceful and affable manner. When it comes to relationship advice for the messy partnership, it would be said that there is something remaining for your relationship. To know more about your ex’s status to move on, read this relationship advices below.

Refuse to communicate with you

Refuse Talking

When someone remains to be angry with you, they will shut the door on talking to you though you try it hard. They will show out visibly that everything you do including your social accounts is worth ignoring. The ‘seen’ status may appear a thousand times in this case.

Remove all the memorable things related to you

Destroy Things

‘Remove’ here means destroying everything in concern with you by burning or cutting them. They will make sure that no pieces of the memories including you can exist in this world anymore.

Subtly fool your life

Lock The Car

Ruining your life is another way to oppose their angry when they think of you. They can lock your car or any silly things to drive you crazy when you need to hurry up for work. It sounds like an act of revenge when they try to turn your life an olla podrida.

Passive-aggressive behaviors on you

Passive Aggressive

As per some relationship advice, when they turn on passive-aggressive mode to you, it means that their anger is still burning. They can leave some comments to kick-start a fight or throw a bashing word at you.

Ask the two’s mutual friends to pick one

As they are deep in the anger, they will lose consciousness and burn a desire of separating. Your mutual friends will be included in these things when your partner asks them to choose amongst you both. It is such a kind of guilt-tripping but it will happen for real.


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