Why He/ She Lied To You? Here Are 10 Unexpected Reasons To Cheat In A Relationship

Priyansh Ha |Jul 12, 2019

There are numerous factors which have impacts on how a person behaves in a relationship. However, here are the 10 most significant reasons which drive people to cheat.

Even when you have experienced it or not, infidelity is always one of the biggest obsessions when it comes to being in a relationship. In fact, both men and women are likely to cheat on their partner. According to an online poll, one-fifth of adult men and women admitted that they have had secret affairs.

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So what it the main cause of cheating in a relationship? While it is widely believed to be a matter of carnal desire, it’s way more complicated. There are numerous factors which have impacts on how a person behaves in a relationship, from childhood environment, personality deficits to financial stability.

However, according to experts, here are the 10 most significant reasons which drive people to cheat.

1. Sizable Income Disparity

A study of the American Sociological Association in 2015, people tend to cheat on their partner who has a higher financial status. It may sound illogical as no one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. However, they don’t really feel the financial dependency can be a barrier which stops them from cheating on their partner.

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2. Their Partner Is Suspicious

If you had suffered from a cheating partner in the past, it’s understandable you are haunted with the idea that your current one might be the same. However, you’re subconsciously self-fulfill the prophecy.

When you put no trust on your partner, you are pushing them into the uncomfortable and defensive state by which, they find it doesn’t matter to cheat on you.

3. Infidelity Runs In the Family

A study published in 2017 pointed out that people who experience parental infidelity are more likely to cheat on their partner. In fact, those people are easier to accept the infidelity as their belief system was shaped by their parents.

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4. To Mark A New Milestone

There is a connection between infidelity and ages. In detail, people who are about to reach another decade (i.e., 29, 39, 49, and so on) are more likely to cheat. In addition to that, the older a man gets, the higher the likelihood of cheating will be. They will feel at a point that this could be the last chance to sleep with other women before they turn decrepit.

5. They’re Lost In The Relationship

Sometimes people trap themselves in a relationship and get lost in it. Once one doesn’t feel their own self anymore, they might be seeking for a way to escape and cheating is definitely a choice.

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6. To Boost Their Ego

The insecurity about their attractiveness can drive men and women to infidelity. Once one lost the confidentiality on their mojo, he/she will think about having extra affairs as one person isn’t enough.  

7. They Have Long Ring Fingers

It was mentioned in a study from the University of Oxford that people whose ring finger are more likely to have an affair. There is a connection between the long ring finger and testosterone exposure.

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8. They Have A Friend Who Cheats

In fact, people can be affected by their friend more than you think. If your friend cheats on their partner, you will tend to do the same. It doesn’t mean that all men who have a cheating friend will probably cheat on their partner. However, if your boyfriend has no problem with his friend who cheats, take caution!

9. They Look Like A Cheater

The fact which sounds non-scientific at all turns out to be the result of a Brigham Young University’s research. Although we should judge a book by its cover, people are more likely to get it right that who could be a ‘potential cheater’ just looking at their faces.

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10. Cheating Is A Piece Of Cake

Having a fling has never been so easy these days. You just need to open your phone and get some dating apps. An affair is within arm’s reach!


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