US-China Drama: WHO Has A Bias On China, Trump Threatens To Freeze Funding

Ankita Chetana |Apr 08, 2020

On April 7th, Trump and the US government accused the WHO of being on the side of China and stated that the US will leave from funding this organization.

Yesterday, US President Donald Trump raised his voice of accusation to the World Health Organization (WHO) for its bias toward China. He even warned about the possibility of cutting funding to this organization amidst the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus.

At the White House news conference taking place every day, Trump said to the reporters:

"We're going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO. We're going to put a very powerful hold on it and we're going to see. It's a great thing if it works. But when they call every shot wrong, that's no good."

As per reports, the United States of America contributes to a huge amount of money to the WHO headquartered in Geneva. Continuing the statement, Trump said that the administration of the U.S. is looking into the funding amount to the WHO. He charged:

"We pay for a majority or the biggest portion of their money. They actually criticized and disagreed with my travel ban at the time I did it. They were wrong. They've been wrong about a lot of things. They had a lot of information early and they didn't want to - they're very - they seem to be very China-centric. We give a majority of the money that they get, and it’s much more than the USD58 million. USD58 million is a small portion of what they’ve got over the years. Sometimes they get much more than that. Sometimes it’s for programs that they’re doing, and-it’s much bigger numbers. If the programs are good, that’s great as far as we’re concerned."

Trump Tweet About Who Bias China
President Trump tweeted about how the WHO puts China to priority

However, the US President claimed that the WHO missed the call from this country while they could have done it earlier. Since then, the US wants to look into funding more carefully and intends to pause this process.

Otherwise, chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jim Risch required to make an independent investigation on how the WHO has controlled the coronavirus pandemic over the world. The senator alleged:

"Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus' apparent unwillingness to hold the Chinese Communist Party to even the minimum standard of global health and transparency hindered the world's ability to blunt the spread of this pandemic. It is completely unacceptable that the world's global health organization has become a political puppet of the Chinese government."

He further added that taxpayers of the US should prevent the coronavirus outbreak by investing, not aiding cover-ups costing lives on political areas.

Tedros Adnanom Ghebreyesus
Dr. Tedros Adnanom Ghebreyesus - General Director of the WHO

Also on Tuesday after the conference at the White House, over 20 lawmakers of the US made an announcement on a defunding resolution against the WHO unless the director-general resigns and there is a report about how this organization has worked in failed coronavirus response of China.

A member of the Congress asserted:

"The WHO helped the Chinese Communist Party hide the threat of COVID-19 from the world and now more than 10,000 Americans are dead, a number that is expected to rise dramatically in the coming weeks. The United States is the largest contributor to WHO. It is not right that Americans' hard-earned tax dollars are being used to propagate China's lies and hide information that could have saved lives. This bill will hold the WHO accountable for their negligence and deceit."

Investigate Who
There would be an investigation about what the WHO has done to find a COVID-19 response in the case of China

Up to now, on the side of the US' opinion, China has been hiding the danger of the deadly virus which can cause more deaths globally. As they think that the WHO knows it well but tries to keep silent instead of publicizing to save millions of people. Senator Marco Rubio even charged China for making use of the WHO to mislead every country.


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