Pilot Threatens To Dump Pro-Trump Passengers Mid-Flight; Trump Impeachment Starts Today

Hanima Anand |Jan 11, 2021

Following the riots at US Capitol, the US President will face impeachment today while another hilarious incident against pro-Trump supporters took place in Washington DC.

Pilot threatens to dump pro-Trump passengers mid-flight

A one-off incident just occurred on an American Airlines plane that took off from Washington DC on Friday. It was reported that on the plane, there were a large number of passengers who didn’t wear face masks despite Covid-19 protocols in the country.

These people were alleged to be Donald Trump’s supporters when constantly chanting ‘USA! USA!’ and ‘fight for Trump’ on the flight. Even when the cabin crew requested these passengers to wear face coverings to curb the spread of coronavirus, they straightly refused.

Us Capitol Riot 1
It's believed that these pro-Trump passengers were returning home from the US Capitol riot.

Fed up with the badly behaved people, the pilot of the plane had announced on the loudspeaker:

“If this is the way it’s gonna be… it’s a four-and-a-half-hour flight to Phoenix. We’ll put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off. I don’t care.

We will do that if that’s what it takes. So behave, please.”

Reacting to the pilot’s angry announcement, those passengers didn’t seem to bother at all. Some were heard saying wow while some laughed and mocked the word ‘behave’ by the pilot.

The spokesperson of the airline then confirmed that the pilot flew to Phoenix as planned without an interval. The passengers mentioned had refused to comply with Covid-19 rules. Therefore, the airline had banned 14 passengers from future flights with this carrier for unacceptable behaviors.

Flight attendants of American Airlines also expressed concerns that their planes were carrying Trump supporters who returned from the Capitol riots. They have reported that these passengers exhibited ‘politically-motivated aggression towards other passengers and crew’ during the flights.

Donald Trump to see impeachment today

Following the riots at the US Capitols with 82 arrests, the US President Donald Trump would face articles of impeachment against him today. Meanwhile, there are calls for Vice President Mike Pence and Cabinet to remove Trump from office.

Donald Trump Impeachment
People are afraid that Donald Trump could launch a nuclear attack before he leaves.

Fears also emerge that the ‘unstable’ Donald Trump could even launch a nuclear attack before his tenure ends. There are even rumours among Trump supporters that the President could cut off electricity nationwide as revenge towards tech giants who banned his social accounts.

Democrats are looking for an urgent impeachment process to remove Mr. Trump from office. California Democrat Representative Ted Lieu is the one who drafted the charges. He said that they had videos of the speech where Donald Trump incited the mob as well as videos of the mob violently attacking the Capitol.

Us Capitol Riot 2
The riot at the Capitol is such a shameful event that every US politician wants to forget.

Previously, Donald Trump tweeted ‘we love you’ when asking the rioters to leave home. It’s also due to this tweet that his accounts were banned permanently.

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