Makeup Guru: Top 5 Makeup Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 19, 2019

Even if it is day skincare or night skincare we all take the time from our busy schedule to look younger and beautiful. But there are chances that you might look older even after doing lots of skincare.

We all obsessed with makeup and beauty products. Makeup is essential for every woman no matter what the size, age or skin it is. As we grow older our lifestyle changes, our hormones changes and besides this our skin changes. No one wants to have an aging and wrinkled skin. We all follow skincare routines to prevent early aging signs and dull skin.

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Even if it is day skincare or night skincare we all take the time from our busy schedule to look younger and beautiful. But there are chances that you might look older even after doing lots of skincare. The reason behind all this is your makeup mistakes.

Your makeup mistakes will make you look older and dull. Take a look at this 5mMakeup mistakes that you do while doing makeup and know the solution about it.

Skipping Your Foundation

Fingers For Applying Foundation
Skipping your foundation and directly applying the powder products or other makeup products is the biggest makeup mistake you do while doing your makeup. A good foundation always helps you to look flawless and gives you a youthful look.

Foundation base is the important step of your makeup. Choosing the right foundation shades is also essential. If you are not ready to apply heavy base on your face, apply BB or CC cream to even out your skin. especially for those women who are away from foundation altogether for fear that it will settle into the fine lines.

To sheer out a heavy foundation that feels too opaque, mix it on the back of your hand with a drop of moisturizer to create your own customized tinted moisturizer.

Incorrect Concealer Application

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We always have one confusion between what to apply first foundation or concealer. It does make more sense to cover the flaws once the foundation is set, which means it’s better to apply the foundation first and then concealer.

One thing you need to keep in mind while applying concealer is you should never apply a lot of product at once. Apply in dots and then blend. Don't layer too much product, you can also use a setting powder between the layers.

If you are hesitant to use the concealer at your problem areas, use Foundation or a BB cream only at problem areas and set it with the loose powder. fix it with the makeup fixer and then blend again to have a natural look.

Overdoing The Eyebrows

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Neatly shaped eyebrows can highlight the eyes beautifully. But over shaped and over dark eyebrows can ruin all your makeup and will make you look older. Your eyebrow filling techniques should be natural and smooth. A brow pencil works best to give you that natural look.

You must avoid harsh lines at all costs. A dark brow powder applied with an angled brush works better than the pencil. You can also use eyebrow cake powders that have everything you require for perfect brows in one little package.

Unwanted Eye makeup

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While doing your eyes, you must keep in your mind that if you are interested to make heavy eye makeup, you need to go with the minimal lips or if there is a bright or bold color, you need to apply light eye shadows.

Overdoing dark and heavy colors on your eyes can make your makeup look disaster. Unwanted glitters and heavy eyelashes can spoil your whole makeup look. Eye shadow techniques play an important role in professional makeup.

Harsh Lip Lines

Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Harsh lip lines while doing getting ready is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Do not draw a thin sharp line on your lips to outline them. It is one of the biggest mistakes you do. Also, your lips can end up looking weird if you’ve chosen a dark liner with a lighter lipstick shade.

They are meant to define your lips and not to create borderline around them. You wear a lip liner to keep your lipstick from bleeding. If you draw a harsh outline, it will tend to fade away, making your lips look terrible. The idea is to blend well. You need to draw the outline and then fill in your entire lips with a lip liner that suits your lipstick shade and then go over it with the lipstick.

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