12 Zodiac Signs Are Way Too Nice For Their Own Good, Ranked From Cutest To Bitchiest (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 02, 2019

Are you an angel by heart? Or do you always seek revenge? Find out your kindness level among 12 zodiac signs by this nicest to meanest scale.

Astrology is a rich source of knowledge, as your sign can reveal a lot about your qualities and personality. Even if you are curious about your level of kindness, astrology can tell it all. Scroll down to find out where does your sign fall on the nicest to the meanest scale of 12 zodiac signs.

Leo: Faithful But Ruthless

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 14
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You can be kind and forgiving, but that does not mean you are harmless. If you cannot get what you want, you immediately turn out to be mean and cruel. People should not pick a fight with you because they eventually lose every single time.

Gemini:  Double Trouble

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Your zodiac sign is represented by a pair of twins, which means you have a dual personality. You can either be very kind or very mean, and it all depends on what kind of your situation. If you are in a good mood, you tend to be very sweet. When you are at your meanest, people should expect lots of accusations.

Capricorn: My House, My Rules

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Everyone knows that you are not mean at heart, but it is your childlike attitude that drives people crazy. Once people break your rules, you tend to act vengefully. The biggest problem in any of your relationship is that you run hot and cold, making others feel impatient and exhausted.

Pisces: Revenge Takes Time

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You slowly toss someone aside for slight hurts. However, if people betray you, an apology is useless. While others might attack instantly, your revenge takes time. They think that you are harmless, but in fact, you are just secretly building a scary plan of hurting the person who hurt you first.

Cancer: Best Not To Mess

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You might appear weak and fragile, but it is best not to mess with you. Once you feel attacked, you become incredibly vindictive. Your revenge knows no emotion, or common-sense, and you do not even care about the possible consequences. Before people messing up with you, they should remember that there is a vengeful bone in your body.

Scorpio: The Devil Of The Zodiac

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You might believe this or not, but your sign is the most devious in the zodiac. You can be very vengeful, making it impossible for people to reason with you. You understand how devilish you can be, but you do not want to restrain your temper. Unless you calm down, or else the storm of your anger will be something beyond everyone's imagination.


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