7 Subtle Signals Tell You That Your Partner’s Love Is Fading Away

Kimmy Karima |Oct 30, 2019

The start of a love story is almost always apparent. You can see it and feel it. But when that story is getting boring or unhappy to one side, unfortunately, it’s not easy to recognize. So what signs can tell you that your partner’s not happy anymore?

Everyone who falls in love hopes that their relationship will stay healthy forever. But love, like everything else, may come and go. Your partner, with all the complicated emotions as any other human beings, may one day become tired of, or bored of, or fed up with the love that once was the most beautiful thing in this world. Now you need to know that as soon as possible, so you’ll find a way to handle it.

But what if your partner doesn’t come clean? How can you figure it out? To take a part of the burden off your shoulders, below are seven signs that your partner’s heart is drifting away from you.

Your partner's life seems unrelated to you

Couples in love always want to do things together.

Everyone should have a personal life outside love. But if your partner does everything without inviting you to join in, and even suggests you not to participate in, it’s a red flag. Long gone are the days when both of you did every activity together. At present, you’re like an outsider, and your partner seems to enjoy doing things with his/her friends much more than with you.

Your partner is emotionally unstable

It’s not healthy to have constant mood swings.

It’s not typical for a person to change his/her mood every couple of minutes. Your partner may be loving at this moment but then may become irritated right after that. In reality, they may be so uncomfortable in the relationship, so they can’t control their emotions and don’t even know how to act around you.

However, if you think your partner may have some mental issues, have an in-depth conversation to find out the root of the matter first.

No more touches, hugs, and kisses

Avoiding physical intimacy means your partner is just not into you.

Of course, some people are not the touchy-feely type. But if your partner seems to stay far from you and doesn’t enjoy any physical intimacy as before, it’s a quite visible sign that your relationship is on the edge of collapse. The point here is not that you’re not physically attractive anymore. It’s that your partner is not into you anymore.

Fights constantly happen

Continuous conflicts drain both sides’ energy.

You and your partner used to have similar ideas about most things and could resolve any conflicts quickly when the opinions clashed. But now nothing can be agreed upon any more.

Even the smallest things, which could merely bring about some laughs before, now can trigger a big fight. Of course, your tiny flaws are also the cause of anger. Your partner’s unhappiness in the relationship is so evident!

No attention is set on you

No more attention may mean no more love.

You don’t need absolute attention all the time. But when your partner doesn’t give you any attention, which also means that the time spent with you is decreasing quickly, it’s also a red flag. Take notice of the clues like your partner not listening to you, not making plans with you, or not caring about your feelings. All of them reveal that your love is fading.

Problems remain unresolved

Indifference is the opposite of love.

You know that there’s some problem under the surface, but when you ask, your partner merely says: “Nothing,” and no more explanation or consolation. It keeps repeating. If that’s the case, your partner may feel very unhappy, to the point that he/she is indifferent towards your emotions.

Your choice now should be to do your favorite things and stay calm while waiting for the answer, which may come over time.

You don’t have a strong belief in your relationship

Love can’t last when you don’t believe it will.

If you don’t believe that your relationship can go far, it’s a bad sign. Maybe because your connection is so unstable, or two sides are too different, or maybe your partner doesn’t put his/her heart in this love. Whatever the reasons, surely both of you are not happy, and your love foundation is not sturdy.

Trying to find a solution or heading to a separation, it’s up to you, because you know best what you genuinely want, right?


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