The World Of Bras: There Are More Bra Types Than You've Ever Known! (Part 1)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 30, 2019

There are at least over 20 types of bras out there. Some you may have never heard of their names!

Most women have worn bras for years but never known any kinds other than “with pads” and “without pads.” But knowledge always has its power. Once you know about bra types, you’ll find those that work for you, and know when to wear which.

Push-up bra

Push Up Bra
Photo: Lindasonline.

Push-up bras offer an extra lift to make your boobs appear larger and make you feel sexier. They often have underwiring and padding for more effect. You can use a push-up under many types of outfits, even without a deep cut neckline. That’s because it helps give your boobs a better shape.

Seamless bra

Seamless Bra
Photo: Trueandco.

Seamless bras have cups that are usually covered with a single piece of fabric, no seams or stitching. This type is convenient and versatile to wear and often goes well with bigger breasts. Of course, it’ll be the best one to go under thin and tight-fitting shirts because it’ll be as smooth as silk.

T-Shirt bra

T Shirt Bra
Photo: Lively.

This type may get its name because it’s best to wear it under tight-fitting shirts. T-shirt bras have round cups and no seams, so they’re smooth and don’t show any lines on your shirts.


Photo: Savagex.

Bralettes have neither wires nor molded cups, so they are mostly slender girls’ choice. They are often made of soft materials with lacework as decoration. Very cute for teenage girls too.

Strapless bra

Strapless Bra
Photo: Forever 21.

This type is for any shirts and dresses that show your shoulders. Strapless bras have no straps, of course, and often have silicone lining and good elastic band, so they stay well in place.

Balconette bra

Balconette Bra
Photo: ThirdLove.

Also called “balcony bra,” this is one of the sexiest types. They have a “balcony-like” neckline to cup your breasts from below and push them up to show the top half of the breasts.

Demi bra

Demi Bra
Photo: Soma.

This type is similar to balconette, but the lower-cut style will make you feel even sexier. These bras provide you with comfort and go well with deep-cut V-neck shirts.

Underwire bra

Underwire Bra
Photo: Lindasonline.

An underwire bra has a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the bra fabric. It helps keep your breasts in good shape for almost any types of outfits. Though some may find underwire bras a bit uncomfortable to wear, if you choose a good quality one, it doesn’t give you an uneasy feeling, and it will last a long time.

Racerback bra

Racerback Bra
Photo: Soma.

This type has straps crossed in the back, so it’s perfect for summer outfits, especially racerback tank tops. You can also conventionally wear this bra since its straps can also be detached.

Sports bra

Sports Bra
Photo: Anita.

A sports bra helps you feel supported and stylish. Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes, but they are mostly made of breathable material with a good elastic band so they can be good for running, working out and more. Some sports bras cover well so you can only wear one (don’t need a shirt) when going to the gym.

Nursing bra

Nursing Bra
Photo: Anita.

Nursing bras are designed for nursing moms, who else? They offer the perfect blend of comfort and support. A nursing bra has a clip on each strap, so you can open each cup to breastfeed your baby. Nursing bras also don’t have an underwire due to the sensitivity of nursing moms’ breasts.

Minimizer bra

Minimizer Bra
Photo: Lindasonline.

This type has the capability of reducing the size of your breasts, so it helps your clothes fit better and helps you feel more confident. In case you have big breasts, or you want yours to look firmer, a minimizer should be your choice.

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