The Hidden Benefit Of Marriage That Makes You Want To Walk Down The Aisle With Someone

Bindhiya Nhi |May 09, 2019

Marriage might be a source of stress, but a new study from Brigham Young University proves that it can totally reduce your anxiety.

In recent times, marriage has become less popular. Many people are no longer interested in the idea of tying the knot as they are afraid of many things: Doing household chores, raising children, dealing with their partner's bad habit or even seeing other marriages did not work out well.

However, marriage not all about the stress. Besides financial benefits, marrying someone can also help you reduce anxiety. New research from PLOS One has proved that your spouse could be your real stress reliever!

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Brigham Young University's psychology professor Wendy Birmingham and her colleagues invited 40 married couples to participate in their experiment. While the couples were trying to carry out a challenging task together, a camera continuously measured their pupils' size.

As the task is quite difficult, many participants started to feel stress right at the beginning. However, the one who could sit next to their spouse could calm down easier and sooner. Eventually, they managed to accomplish the task at lower stress levels than those who had to do it alone.

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A study in 2008 already proved that marrying someone can help people relieve both emotional and physical pain. According to this study, the couple's heart rate and brain waves could sync up just by holding hands. However, this new study from BYU is more unique as it used a biological method to measure the participants' stress instead of doing surveys.

According to the co-author of this study Steven Luke, even the time scale in their research is also different.

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Moreover, this recently published study builds upon its previous research, revealing that tying the knot can benefit your health in specific ways. By being with your sweetheart, your cholesterol levels and blood pressure are lowered, reducing heart disease other health risks. Marriage comes with obvious health benefits, and it explains why people who are happily married live longer than single people or divorce.


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