"The Female Orgasm": A Netflix Documentary To Make You See Female Orgasm In A New Light

Priyansh Ha |Jun 05, 2019

Amidst the never-ending controversy around female orgasm, the Netflix documentary series "Explained" has made an episode The Female Orgasm to unveil the myth and misconception.

While male orgasm is visible and considered as a part of sex, female orgasm is still considered a "myth" as it is too complicated and indefinite to recognize. Amidst the never-ending controversy around female orgasm, the Netflix documentary series Explained has made an episode about this debatable topic. Apart from unveiling the myth and misconception, the episode is also aimed to protest the mainstream idea around female masturbation.

With multiple statistics given, the documentary proves that female orgasm is less popular than in male orgasm in terms of heterosexual setups.

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Given the fact that our sexual self-concept mainly roots in male orgasm and pleasure, most of us believe that women don’t orgasm or it doesn’t do a matter at all.

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Tracking down the history of female orgasm, Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, introduced the links among clitoral orgasms, neurosis, and hysteria. This relationship has strongly vilified the concept of clitoral stimulation.

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In addition to that, the show has revealed the truth about vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm, saying that vaginal orgasm is clitoral orgasm indeed.

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It turns out that only 18% of women who had penetrative sex have experienced orgasms. Therefore, the normative definition of sex depends on its approach which always set female pleasure aside.

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According to the documentary, there are up to 21% of women who rarely or even never experience orgasm in their entire life.

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When it comes to masturbation, there is a noticeable difference in the numbers of U.S. children who have never masturbated in terms of gender.

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Meanwhile, the portion of female orgasm in homosexual relationships is higher than in the heterosexual one. The possible reasons for it are also introduced in the show. According to it, women don’t feel being dictated or defined in a homosexual relationship, they’re free to find out what works for them.

So, the point here is both the historical demonization and social normativity on female orgasm have fooled us into complete misconceptions. As a result, most of us are not fully aware of the truth about female pleasure due to the so-called ‘myths’.

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It's time for you women to learn about yourself. Watch the full episode of The Female Orgasm on Netflix here.


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