The Best Classic Men Hairstyles That Will Never Let You Down

Bindhiya Nhi |Apr 25, 2019

You do not have to follow the trends all the time. Try these classis man hairstyles as they will never go out of fashion.

There are many new and trendy men hairstyles nowadays, but that does not mean you have to follow them. You only want a style that suits yourself, and in that case, classic men hairstyles always work. These fantastic hairstyles give men a professional and stunning look, and they are the ones that have been working for almost a hundred years. Despite the fact that our beloved Hollywood stars usually the trendsetters, every once in a while they also love to try these classic things as a result never let anyone down!

Today, we are going to share the four classic hairstyles that make every man who wears them look good. Let's scroll down to find out the one that inspires you most.

The Crew Cut - Marwan Kenzari

Marwan Kenzari Classic Hairstyle
(Source: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

It does not matter how you want your crew haircut to be like; this classic hairstyle will always help to steal the limelight. The crew cut is impressive as it can be applied to every kind of hair density and texture. From short, long, faded or paired with a beard, they all work surprisingly well with this style when you blend the sides to crown. The crew cut is a classic yet fashionable men’s haircut that worth trying this year.

The High and Tight - William Jackson Harper

William Jackson Classic Hairstyle
(Source: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

When it comes to those old but gold looks, the high and tight hairstyle is a brilliant choice. It has some similarities to the crew cut, except that this military haircut blends much shorter and faster sides of hair fading into a longer top. This hairstyle also works for thick and thin hair as it could minimize the visual impact of hair density. The high and tight is a flattering haircut for every man.

The Side Part - Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio Classic Hairstyle
(Source: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

The side part is one of the most stylish and classic hairstyles in history. Besides relying on a side part as to how its name implies, the top and sides are also cut to get that neat and timeless look. It works best with men who have thicker hair and square or oval face shapes. Though its name is familiar, you should bring a photo of your ideal side part to help your barber know exactly what you want to wear between the business or the traditional side part.

Medium Length Waves - Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper Classic Hairstyle
(Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

If you prefer your hair not too short or not too long, you will be more than pleased to try this medium length waves haircut. In fact, there are many ways to modify this one, from clipping and blending the sides to making your waves curly or straight. The real plus point is that you will look great even if your hair is swept back or forth. Do not forget to use some hair product to get the best result, such as matte paste for wavy hair and higher-shine wax for straight hair.


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